With the new calling plan rollouts, are the My Choice plans changing?

Hello Community,

I have been reading a lot about the new calling plans and wanted to confirm that the My Choice plans are not changing, specifically that data can be added as needed without triggering a change in one’s basic plan. For instance, if I am on the Unlimited wifi talk and text, and want to add data for one billing cycle, will I still be on my Unlimited wifi talk and text in the next billing period, provided I make no other plan changes?

And also confirming that the unused data for that period expires at the end of the billing cycle.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!

the My Choice plans are now lock in their current state for recurrenting monthly data, but one can do one time add on if more data is need (you can not lower the amount you get a month or set an autom recurring high amount)
no changes other are currently going on

At this time, nothing is changing regarding My Choice plans. You may continue to add data in 1 GB increments up to 15 GB per month. And, added My Choice data continues to expire on one’s bill cycle date.

Thank you @drm186 for the information! @rolandh — do you think that changes are afoot for the My Choice plans?

My “at this time” qualifier is not intended to signify changes are afoot. It’s intended as acknowledgement of the reality nothing is necessarily guaranteed forever.

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Nothing more than guesswork after a little sniffing around: I won’t be surprised if My Choice still exists a year from now, but will be if it does in two years.