WMA to MP3 Troubles on Moto X Pure

I have some music that I wanted to put onto my phone, but I recall learning the Moto X pure doesn’t support WMA. So, I downloaded a free file type converter and converted from WMA to MP3. I added the music to the phone and it still won’t recognize it! Should I try a different converter? I used the Jodix converter (free). However, the files that were already in mp3 it recognized fine.

Suggestions? Anyone else had issues like this?

I use the VLC player on my MXP, seems to play just about anything I throw at it.


I agree with @c1tobor VLC can handle just about anything. If you want to use the music for a ringtone, convert it to .ogg. Most of my custom ringtones are .ogg files. I’ve used apps in the past and they’re hit and miss. There are a few decent free converters for Windows. If you have a Linux computer, there are some excellent free converters that are easy to use. One program I find invaluable in either Windows or Linux is open source and free:


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Thanks for the info. I installed the vlc player and it worked with my music. It is better than the default app too.

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