Work Around for Wells Fargo Access Code, Text Messages and Zelle Updated

Since Wells Fargo had its outage there has been major issues with accessing online accounts. Republic Wireless has put in a request to get shorts codes working again with Wells Fargo.

In the meantime, if you use an access code to sign into your account here is a workaround:

When you get the window to request the code, switch delivery method to Phone Call. WF will call you with an access code. Once you’re in, I suggest temporarily changing your security settings.

In my case I set it NOT to ask for an access code on the WF app. The app will not save the password, so you will need to enter your password every time you use the app.

For those that are having a difficult time with accessing their account, this link has all the ways to contact Wells Fargo for assistance:

UPDATE: I still don’t receive shortcodes, but after a few choice Tweets to Wells Fargo and Ask Wells Fargo I finally got a call back! They opened what we here would call tickets, they call them something else, for both of my phone numbers. Will this solve my 2 part authentication and text to bank issue, who knows! At least someone over there is doing something about it.

UPDATE: For further information on what transpired and my complaint that I filed with corporate WF: Work Around for Wells Fargo Access Code, Text Messages and Zelle Updated

To file a corporate complaint you can write or call, I called: WF Customer Care: 844 - 931 - 2273

To write:

UPDATE: When using the Wells Fargo App, you can set up push notifications for the same notifications that you had received previously through text messages.

Be sure background data is on and notifications are turned on.

New information regarding Zelle.

When using Zelle through Wells Fargo app, to receive funds. Verification can now take place through email.

Even though WF will not formally say they don’t accept VoIP numbers they have made provision for them by allowing email verification instead of text messages ONLY TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS!

Unfortunately, as I found out today I can’t send funds, they will only verify sender through text message. I’m currently working on WF to see if they will modify this policy.

UPDATE 04/15/2020

Had a lengthy conversation with Tech support at Wells Fargo. They are aware of the problem with Zelle. They are working on an alternate method of verification, such as email instead of text messages. When this solution will be implemented is unknown at this time.


As stated in one comment one member was able to register a know Republic Wireless number with Wells Fargo. Some might view this a hopeful, it’s not. Once Wells Fargo’s system confirms it’s a VoIp number it will stop working. This is their policy as stated in the Q & A quoted below.

Help Information from Wells Fargo app:

Q: Why isn’t my phone number eligible for text messages?
A: There are a couple of reasons why a number may not be eligible for text messages. Landlines and international numbers are some examples.

As long as the FCC classifies VoIp numbers as Landlines we will not be able to receive text messages from Wells Fargo. Even if the number falls through their cracks and you do receive text messages, in all likelihood their system will catch up with it and terminate the feature.


Use the Wells Fargo app and set your account for PUSH NOTIFICATIONS.


Just so you know, the issue might not go away unless you go into the bank and ask for help. I had to last time Wells Fargo had a outage like this.

Please clarify what you mean by:

For the record, The phone call option does not work for me at all. Never get a call.
Furthermore, the phone agent once i finally got to talk to someone, their systems says it sent, but i get nothing. Banker asked me the typical “Verify Identity” info based on public records, but, of course, it “failed” with no indication as to reason. so they hung up on me.

Went to my local branch, told by baker, then manager, they can not help me with on line account access, call the 800 number. I may have made a fuss…and the Police may have had to escort me out.

I am switching to Discover Bank. (far better offerings) Should have dumped WF long ago. Just search online and read about all of WFs illegal activities and scandals…let alone tech issues and incompetence with data centers.

Have you tried calling today? It didn’t work for me either at first, I sent a tweet to Ask Wells Fargo and the next day it worked! I tried again just now and I received the call back.

Short Codes do not work any more, it will take about 12 to 15 weeks for them to work again. As I mentioned RW sent in a request to get the code working again.

I can not “Try again” I am locked out due to may attempts at trying to get a text or call.
All I get is “Contact Us for Account Access” page.

Last time there was a disruption in their system like this the ability to receive access codes by text never returned, I always had to get the phone call.

After about two months and a well timed trip home I finally visited my local branch and they fixed the issue on their end causing me not to receive texts anymore.

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According to my conversation with Wells Fargo and the filing of my corporate complaint: As of January 31 2019 they incorporated an enhanced security measure. All VoIP carriers were notified that their agreement with Wells Fargo did not get renewed and VoIP numbers would no longer be able to receive Text messages. (so once again WF is passing the buck to the carriers.) But they were approved to receive call back messages. This change over was completed February 14th, 2019.

I did say that I highly doubt all the VoIP carriers were notified and why weren’t customers notified of this arbitrary rule to drop all VoIP text support. I was told that WF never allowed VoIP numbers officially but some carriers were able to provide it.

I asked if VoIP numbers could be “white listed”. The answer is NO.

Bottom line this is something WF corporate has to look into and grant, as it stands for now, no more short codes for VoIP numbers.

If someone from RW wants to DM to pick my brains about my conversation, while it’s still fresh in my memory that’s fine. Otherwise, I’m done with fighting, writing and phoning everyone from WF. I tried very hard to get short codes back for us and I lost the fight. :sob:


Any info on why people wouldn’t be seeing a call option? The few people I’ve talked to about this all swear they’re not given the option for a call.

The call back for the 2 part authentication worked for me. Where it says Text there is a little drop down menu to choose call back. If a customer is still having trouble with that then they should try a different browser or put it in private mode. Still not working, contact WF as it is the only feature available for VoIP numbers. Also, they may have to update their contact information with WF!

I just turned on 2 part authentication again, chose call back and it worked just fine!


Do note that by industry definition, Republic is not a carrier and, therefore, may not have bern notified by Wells Fargo. The carrier for Republic numbers is Bandwidth.

Out of curiosity, since this is allegedly a security measure, did you ask Wells Fargo how calling VoIP numbers is any more secure than SMS?

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Wells Fargo should switch to using authentication apps like google authentication or authy,.

2 factor over sms, voip or not, is already considered insecure.

Here’s one discussion:

My summary of those posts, it isn’t.

It’s an interesting discussion with mixed opinions. That said, I don’t believe it answers the question how SMS over VoIP is less secure than voice callback over VoIP for 2FA purposes.

@Burusutazu is quite correct that SMS is not and never was designed to be secure. It makes for a lousy second factor on any transmission network but that’s a whole different conversation.

I don’t think it is. Somebody probably misread the notation in NIST Special Publication 800-63: Digital Identity Guidelines:

Note that, among other requirements, even when using phone- and SMS-based one-time passwords (OTPs), the agency also has to verify that the OTP is being directed to a phone and not an IP address, such as with VoIP, as these accounts are not typically protected with multi-factor authentication.

Who ever wrote that statement, does not know what they are talking about.

My Google account, and thus Google voice account/number is infact protected by 2FA OTP app.
RW also has the option to use 2FA to log into your account.

This is really a moot point as NO VoIP carrier was notified, nor were their customers. Maybe the intention was to notify them, but in the end they weren’t.

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