Work Around for Wells Fargo Access Code


Since Wells Fargo had it’s outage there has been major issues with accessing online accounts. Republic Wireless has put in a request to get shorts codes working again with Wells Fargo. This will take 12 to 15 weeks.

In the meantime, ff you use an access code to sign into your account here is a work around:

When you get the window to request the code, switch delivery method to Phone Call. WF will call you with an access code. Once you’re in, I suggest temporarily changing your security settings.

In my case I set it, to NOT ask for an access code on the WF app. The app will not save the password, so you will need to enter your password every time you use the app.

For those that are having a difficult time with accessing their account, this link has all the ways to contact Wells Fargo for assistance:

UPDATE: I still don’t receive short codes, but after a few choice Tweets to Wells Fargo and Ask Wells Fargo I finally got a call back! They opened what we here would call tickets, they call them something else, for both of my phone numbers. Will this solve my 2 part authentication and text to bank issue, who knows! At least someone over there is doing something about it.


Just so you know, the issue might not go away unless you go into the bank and ask for help. I had to last time Wells Fargo had a outage like this.


Please clarify what you mean by:


For the record, The phone call option does not work for me at all. Never get a call.
Furthermore, the phone agent once i finally got to talk to someone, their systems says it sent, but i get nothing. Banker asked me the typical “Verify Identity” info based on public records, but, of course, it “failed” with no indication as to reason. so they hung up on me.

Went to my local branch, told by baker, then manager, they can not help me with on line account access, call the 800 number. I may have made a fuss…and the Police may have had to escort me out.

I am switching to Discover Bank. (far better offerings) Should have dumped WF long ago. Just search online and read about all of WFs illegal activities and scandals…let alone tech issues and incompetence with data centers.


Have you tried calling today? It didn’t work for me either at first, I sent a tweet to Ask Wells Fargo and the next day it worked! I tried again just now and I received the call back.

Short Codes do not work any more, it will take about 12 to 15 weeks for them to work again. As I mentioned RW sent in a request to get the code working again.


I can not “Try again” I am locked out due to may attempts at trying to get a text or call.
All I get is “Contact Us for Account Access” page.


Last time there was a disruption in their system like this the ability to receive access codes by text never returned, I always had to get the phone call.

After about two months and a well timed trip home I finally visited my local branch and they fixed the issue on their end causing me not to receive texts anymore.


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