Work Around for Wells Fargo Access Code


The SMS is a convenience to the customer, so all they have to do is enter a few letters and get an update on the state of their account.

The 2 part authentication gives a sense of security to the customer, it’s not a real security solution as has been pointed out.

My credit cards have more built in security measures than WF. As soon as a charge hits my CC, I get a text stating the vendor and the amount of the charge. That particular bank doesn’t have a phobia about VoIP phone numbers. Same with AMEX, as soon as a charge is made, I get a text with the vendors name and the amount.

I did explain to them in my complaint any number can be cloned and/or spoofed, so banning VoIP numbers is just ridiculous.

The Tier 3 tech said that the VoIP number cannot be verified as belonging to the owner of the bank account. This is similar to what the IRS does.

Whatever the reason and/or excuse the bank gives, it’s up to corporate to “grant” my request in my complaint.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this were the case but how do you know?


I picked at them and they had to look up to see if there was any
documentation or letters that were sent out notifying carriers and/or
customers. There weren’t any. I was determined to get physical proof
of this policy. A notification was “supposedly” sent to VoIP carriers,
but they couldn’t tell me who was on the list, as there was no list.
There was nothing that they could give me in writing of this policy, the
customer service agents didn’t even know that this policy existed. The
individual I spoke to, who was one of their online banking techs, took
over 1/2 hour just to find that there was a policy on VoIP. This policy
was buried deep in their records and there was no transparency, their
own employees didn’t know about this. Only those in tier 3 knew,
because they’re the ones that set up the enhanced security. This
explains why customers cannot get a solution or a satisfactory answer to
this issue and why the employees of WF are trying in vain to get SMS to
work again. This also explains why some RW customers have friends who
happen to be with different carriers experiencing the same issue. If
their carrier was notified, the customer would have/should have been
notified too.

There is a lot more I could add to this, as I was on the phone with them
for over an hour. My complaint is being sent to corporate and there
nothing else that can be done. If other customers want to file a
complaint with corporate, knock yourself out. Call WF Customer Care: 1
8 4 4 9 3 1 2 2 7 3


Thanks for the update. I wouldn’t bother further wasting my time with Wells Fargo corporate. If it were me and I wanted to continue the fight, I’d file complaints with the OCC and/or FDIC. More realistically, I’d simply vote with my wallet and take my business elsewhere.