Worst coverage!

I was in Pine county Minnesota over the Memorial holiday and good old Sprint was down for the count the entire weekend. I was still able to get some texts but no Internet. If it wasn’t for VOIP I would be searching for another provider. I typically am the only one in our usual travel group that has trouble with cell service and not just in this one location.
Just venting but soon I am going to be done.

Hi @antonm.sbn8eq Can you share the model phone you have and on the phone open the Republic App, click the little gear at the top and then About and tell us what it says there for “SIM Type”? I’d like to dig in to coverage a bit more and see what was going on.

Hi @antonm.sbn8eq,

Thanks for your feedback. Sprint’s network is now owned by T-Mobile and they are no longer building up the Sprint network, but rather, re-purposing it to build up the T-Mobile network, so there will be no improvements in coverage on the Sprint network.

We’ll be glad to have you try our SIM card that provides coverage on T-Mobile’s network. But if neither network is providing the coverage you need in areas where you spend most of your time, then we are probably not the best service provider for you. Do you know which service providers the others in your travel group use?

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Thanks, your reply was in my junk folder and I just noticed it. I’ll check with the T-Mobile coverage map.

Sorry about the delay. All of the replies were in my junk folder. My phone is a Moto g4 and the SIM type is CDMA. I have heard that Sprint actually had statewide issues that weekend.

It does look like T-Mobile coverage is much better but can I keep my same plan?

Changing to the GSM coverage does not impact your plan. You will need a new SIM, which can be sent by support, but if you’re a Prime member and are willing to spend $1, it’d likely be a lot faster to get it that way: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J63NYAO

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