Would a Consumer Cellular G4 work on Republic

I have had my eye on the Moto G4 prime edition but was at target today and saw a consumer cellular G4 for the same price as the prime edition. Every dollar counts for me right now and wanted to see if this would work on Replubc and if anyone had experience doing this. Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Hi @kyles.208qoz,

There’s no way to tell from the listing you were kind enough to link to. The model number needs to be a match for XT1625 as referenced by Republic here. My educated guess is yes, however, you’ll need to ask Target to be sure.

seeing as they sell both the unlocked Moto G4 Play ($129) and the Consumer Wireless version ($99) I guess the Consumer Wireless version of the Moto G4 would be locked to Consumer for at least a little while


Good point about it being locked to Consumer for a while. Thank you all for the replies!

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