Would a Moto G Play work with a wireless charger?

In contemplating getting a wireless charger for Christmas where you just place your phone on a pad and it begins charging. Many of them only work with Samsung phones but other ones I’ve looked into say that they work with iPhone/Android phones. Would my phone work on one of those? If so what specifications do I need to still look for to make sure it really is compatible?

There are not that many phones that support wireless charging.
The phone it self must support it.
The Moto line does NOT support wireless charing.

What model Moto G play to you own, there are a few.

Here is the table of phone features.

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well there is

or something like it…
you take your phone cover off, put it on the back, plug it into the phone, put the cover back on
and then when you set your phone on the wireless charger you get a slow maybe 10W charging rate

I have never used one, and don’t know how well they work. but they do make some that are QI (?)

but no the moto g? play is not wireless, unless you make it so with an after market setup…

but moto does make a mod for the Z line that you snap on

I didn’t even know that list existed. thanks for the info! Looks like I can’t use one then. :frowning:

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