Would a WiFi signal booster help?

I’ve read all your replies and gracefully is how you’ve handled this. Thank you!
Spectrum was just here because I’ve had trouble with dropped wifi in my house. I have a new moto g7 power and get 5g&2g. But the tech said my phone wasn’t good at wifi speed as his samsung was. I didn’t know phones were different in that respect.
He suggested a booster extender.
Amy other suggestions? I’ve always had motos and never a problem till now

Hi @melm,

I’m sorry no one replied to your question, yet. I’ve moved it to its own topic since it’s not quite the same issue as the topic in which you had originally posted.

Could you provide a little more detail about what problem you’re trying to solve? I’m not sure from what I’m reading here if the problem is that your phone drops WiFi signal frequently or if you just want it to be as fast as the technician’s Samsung?

Is it only your Moto G7 Power that drops the WiFi signal, or are other devices in the house behaving the same way?

  • Could you provide us the make/model/ver of the router that Spectrum is providing?
  • You didn’t perhaps make note of the model of Samsung phone he is using for comparison (many phones use the same communication system vendor) and a cross-check could be made for you

Sorry @melm, I hit the wrong reply button, this was meant for you :frowning:

I don’t know his model samsung but the router is sagemcom
Fast 5260
I bought a linksys extender


I don’t think I understand the problem. Wi-Fi was dropping, so you bought an extender. Did that fix things? The speed is another matter. It’s probably not that important. When you say Wi-Fi was dropping, what exactly does that mean? Hollow arc, or Wi-Fi signal indicator showing no Wi-Fi connection? They mean different things.

Here is a link to a Help Article, that outlines the problems that previous users have encountered and how Spectrum was able to overcome them.

The addition of the Linksys extender will not ‘fix’ this problem as it is a basic router function that is causing what you are probably seeing

Hi @melm, Are you still having this issue?

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