Would like some help with dropped calls

I didn’t write the original request but yes, I’m having that problem way to frequently. I’d love some help !

Hi @annes.555fbj,

I’ve moved your post to its own topic because the issue you’re experiencing may be unrelated to the issue the other person described.

You wrote in your topic about your Yahoo E-mail freezing that you have a Moto G6.

Could you tell us whether you are experiencing dropped calls when you are calling on WiFi or on cell?

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The problems are occurring When I’m
using wifi.

The majority of WiFi problems can be fixed by making adjustments to our WiFi. The simplest is to Power Cycle your Network equipment. If this doesn’t help then a deeper checking is required. I would start by checking out this WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times
Come back with any questions you have at any point, there are many fellow members here in the community that can and will provide you help

  • Hopefully after 5 days, your no response indicates you fixed it and have moved on to more fun things in life?
    • If you fixed it yourself, lets us know so it can be used to pass on to others or let us know how we can help you?

jben, the issue of dropped calls seems to come and go. I doubt that it’s a WiFi connection problem. I had a new WiFi modem installed in an open, central spot in a small apt. in Feb. and checked by a computer specialist. My yahoo email is also freezing on my Motorola phone but not on the iMac or iPad. Am now wondering if there’s a virus On the phone . Getting exasperated with trying to solve these issues.

Would you try running the Diagnostics that Republic provides for our phones?
RW App / ? / Run diagnostics test … current test will result in something like this as a screen, if Warnings or Failures are not zero a screenshot would be nice to see

I’d be glad to. Do I find it on my REPUBLIC account ? , website?

It is a part of the Republic Wireless App, which you have loaded on your phone, else you wouldn’t have connectivity.

Hi @annes.555fbj,

It has been a few weeks since we have heard from you, and I see that our Help Team has been assisting you as well. Are you still having trouble with dropped calls?

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