Would Love an RW Phone Compatibility Update (Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, new Motorola phones, new Samsung Phones)

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any updates from RW on new phones getting authorized for use. With the Pixel 6 reveal tomorrow it’s getting harder and harder to keep from switching. Some kind of timeline would be great, like “By the end of the year we will be getting new phones approved for use.”, or something along those lines.

This shocking length of time between new phone additions when it is simple to keep a small team adding new phones at a slower pace while the main team creates the more automated process is making me speculate that Dish is going to convert every RW customer to Boost Mobile or Ting, and they’re just trying to figure out the technical hurdles for doing so - new phones are NEVER going to be approved because they are going to consolidate instead.


I’m crossing my fingers that the Pixel 6 will come with a couple months of free Fi service. I’m definitely getting one, but I’d also like to eventually stay with RW.

The suspense is killing me!


Hi @chrisp.sehv7v,

Thanks for your continued interest in bringing an exciting new phone to Republic Wireless. We appreciate the fact that it’s important to you that you be able to have the phone you want and use it with our service.

For context, I am copying my earlier answer here:

We are reworking our device certification process to be able to introduce many more devices in the future. Because of this, we are currently not certifying additional devices until that process is completed.

I understand that doesn’t answer the question of “if” or “when” for the new phones you are interested in bringing to our network, but I don’t want anyone making assumptions based on past timelines. When we have news for you about new supported phones, we’ll announce it in our #news category, so please keep an eye on that category for any updates.

While I understand that this is not the answer you want to hear, and it does not address the specific questions you have asked, it is the only answer we are able to provide at this time. When we have news to share, you can be absolutely certain it will be posted in our #news category.


My first of 3 annual plans ends on Dec. 22. By Dec. 12, if there are no updates, that phone is going to another network. My two adult sons and my wife are about ready to bolt, as soon as their annual plans end as well. I know you’re stuck and can’t say anything, but this lack of information of new phones is starting to smell fishy - like something big AND bad is about to happen. However, if we just get merged into TING, then I’d be good with that, as they’re owned by DISH, have better pricing, many more available phones and use AT&T already, which is where DISH is going to take us regardless.


Thanks @chrisp.sehv7v,

I appreciate the feedback and the candor.

Are your wife and sons also looking at new phones, or do they have other reasons they want to leave?

In terms of phones sold at Ting’s online store, there are no Androids sold there not also currently supported on Republic. Unlike Republic, Ting does currently sell and support various Apple iPhones. Ting also sells the Coolpad Snap (flip phone). Republic does not currently support any flip phones.

Like Republic, Ting supports bring your own phone and it may be possible to bring phone models to Ting Republic doesn’t currently support. Google’s Pixel 5a comes to mind.

Would you be able to cite the source saying Ting is already using AT&T’s network for coverage? My understanding is, for now, Ting continues to offer coverage on either T-Mobile’s or Verizon’s network. For what it’s worth, getting a Verizon network SIM from Ting seems to be somewhat hit or miss. Ting Verizon network SIMs are not publicly sold but must be specifically requested from Ting support who may or may not be willing to provide one based on their estimation of the quality of T-Mobile’s coverage in a given area…

I’m not raising these points to be argumentative. I simply want folks to be accurately informed as they make decisions.

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Wife is looking for a new phone, my two older sons are looking for more data at a better price. $25/5GB + 5G at TING is pretty compelling to them. They’ll probably leave unless RW gets a similar pricing scheme when their annual plans end.

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My coworker, who uses tracfone, with a Pixel 5a, just went to Ting.com and his phone is compatible.

Nothing more than an assumption. Put in my zip code and it says “Great LTE/5G coverage”. I honestly don’t care what network I’m on.

While DISH has signed a network services agreement with AT&T, to the best of my knowledge, no DISH owned brand currently offers AT&T network coverage. I would expect Boost to be the first as Boost has millions of subscribers compared to Republic’s and Ting’s hundreds of thousands.

I’m confident that’s T-Mobile’s network as Ting is currently unable to offer 5G coverage on Verizon’s network.

That’s more than fair enough, however, others reading here may have reason to care about which network is involved.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been with RW for over nine years. I currently have a four lines (two Pixel 4a’s for my wife and myself and a pair of Moto X4’s for my two sons) and the X4s are getting long in the tooth. My kids want new phones. I really don’t want to buy another pair of Pixel 4a phones but that is the newest thing I can get with RW. I was impressed by the lower price point for the Pixel 6 and think the best upgrade path is to get a pair of those for the wife and myself and give our 4a’s to the kids.

The other issue that has been crippling us recently is the 1GB of data. The competition is really killing Republic on data offerings. I really wish there was a 2.5GB or 5GB plan, even if data was shared. For reference I am paying $95/month for 4 phones with 1GB of data on each line. Ting could get me the same price for 5GB of shared data and I would have 5G available. RW is becoming less competitive on plans and with the restriction on new devices I’m going to be forced to move just to upgrade my phones. I hate to do this after almost a decade with RW and otherwise mostly stellar service. It would be really great if we could at least get a roadmap for this device upgrade situation as it is crippling the path forward for your userbase and is going to be even worse during the holiday season when people like to get phones as presents. I think most people will just leave RW permanently and only the most dedicated users will return once new phones are available. Just my two cents.


Hi @christopherp.r3kq8d and welcome to the Community!

A point of information for you (and others) looking at Ting. Only Ting’s “Flex” plan shares cell data across lines. The “Set” and “Unlimited” plans do not share data across lines. Also, it’s not possible to house multiple lines in a single Ting account if different plans are desired. With Ting, it’s one plan type per account. Mixing and matching of plans requires multiple accounts.

I mention the above not to steer anyone away from Ting. There are, of course, other options in the market besides Republic and/or Ting. In my opinion, lack of “family plans” has been a weakness of Republic’s plan offerings.

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Boost started AT&T activations in select markets. The AT&T SIM is called Transformed Network or AN sim.

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Not trying to pile on here, but I think that Republic needs to see just how big this problem is. They have lost my wife at least temporarily (mostly because of Fi promos), and they have forced me to move from an annual to a monthly plan because of the poor communication on these problems. I’m not going to commit to a year with a carrier that may or may not support the phone I’ll be buying (Pixel 6). If there is no update for long enough, I might leave, too.

My frustration is with the complete radio silence on this back-end upgrade. All of us are dealing with “we’re short-staffed, so sit and wait for us in the dark” phenomemon in every other part of our life. To have a refreshingly reliable communicator like Republic move to this attitude is distressing and causing many of us to try and take control of one thing that we can. I think that even a vague timeline would reassure most of the anxious out there. Are we talking around a month? 6-8 weeks? 3-6 months? Longer? Human nature being what it is, people will assume the worst absent any better information. Help us and help yourselves by giving us at least a rough estimate when Republic will again certify new phones.


For those of us that want the latest and greatest means we need a “large” service provider. At the end of the day, Republic Wireless is a budget option. Can’t expect them to be quick about these sort of things.

I am now using a Pixel 5a (5G) one month into the free Google Fi. My RW phone sits unused, although I am keeping it charged and paid for. Free Fi expires mid December. I’m not going with Fi (works well, but pricey). I’ll be buying another Pixel for my wife and we will be on RW, if they accept it by then, or T-Mobile. Maybe Ting because both of the T’s offer interesting plans with unlimited data.

I’m with Chrisp that the no news “explanation” is starting to smell fishy because it is continuing so long, and the beginning coincided with the Dish takeover. If this is an example of how things will be under Dish, I’m gone.


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Nothing special. It’s the Pixel 5a %G. I decided to simply take the chance based on something I saw on Reddit, and put a Mint sim card in it, and it worked. I then called them and asked about setting up Wi-Fi calling, and they stated that I needed to purchase more than just a temporary number, i.e. I needed to make it permanent, and then I simply transferred my number from RW, follow their instructions to set up Wi-Fi calling and voilà!

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Another longtime Republic customer here, I am also very frustrated with the lack of communication and the slowness on providing answers on supporting newer phones. I’d like to keep doing business with Republic but these issues are a big problem, please address them soon. Thank you


RW we need answers. In four days I hit 9 years with you guys. It feels like we’re always running into these little barriers. Some of us need new phones, and can’t/don’t want to wait for you all to catch up. I’m pre-paid until May of next year, so I guess I just have to deal with it. But it’s really disappointing to see that there’s a hold on new phones and your customers are very visibly upset with this and that we can’t even get a general timeline. Over the years I’ve brought many people to RW, and almost all of them have left for one reason - lack of new phone support. Maybe this new certification program that you’re building will resolve that, but this freeze is putting that to a new level. My phone has issues, I ordered the Pixel 6 Pro and come to find this thread talking about how new phones aren’t being accepted. It’s just really not a great situation, and the lack of communication is the cherry on top.

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