Would Love an RW Phone Compatibility Update (Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, new Motorola phones, new Samsung Phones)

In your case, did you have to do steps 8 and 9…or did it work without those steps…just curious.

Both, as I actually performed the listed steps twice. The first time, “activation” just worked. I then uninstalled Republic’s app from the Moto G Pure, restored the active GSM My Choice SIM to its donor phone, then tried again. The second time required the activation refresh, so I built that into the process.

The concept of moving an active GSM SIM to an unsupported phone is not revolutionary. It’s something that’s been done for years on traditional cellular carriers. Republic’s required app and blended service adds another layer of potential failure but, for me, was possible to work around.

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Yeah, only thing is I purchased an annual plan with Republic, which apparently they don’t offer any kind of prorated refunds on (despite being “no-contract”). To top it all off, because I have the Pixel 3 I’m dealing with the visual voicemail bug, which means that every single time I want to check my voicemail I have to call or run through a set of steps (clearing phone storage, turning visual voicemail off and on again) for it to work, and I don’t get notifications if I do receive a voicemail. It’s been an issue for months with no apparent fix in sight. Will try what you suggested though, and just swap my SIM into the new phone and see what happens.

You are amazing, Roland!
I just tried this workaround on my Pixel 6 and it worked. I inserted my old SIM card, started the RW app. It gave the “your phone is not supported” error, so I followed the steps to refresh activation and restarted the phone. The RW app loads normally, and I was able to make a phone call with no problem.


You can say that again and again … just follow him for a while, there are many of us that will agree with you

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I was all set to buy my husband a Pixel 5a phone as an early Christmas gift to replace his old buggy Motorola phone, but I’m glad I came here first to check if it’s an approved device. (It’s taken a long time to get him to agree to a new phone, and that’s the one he wants.)

I’m disappointed that the Pixel 5a is not on the list yet. He doesn’t want to risk it not working if he simply moves his sim card, so I guess we’ll wait and hope his old phone doesn’t die. (We’ve been republic wireless customers for 8 years and are on an annual plan.)

Hoping for an update soon!

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You should probably snag him one now while it’s discounted for Black Friday. (Believe the 5a is 399$ at the Google Store). Supposedly RW is making an announcement about new plans and more phone availability in December so not too long from now.

I just ordered a Pixel 5a from the Google store ($399 plus tax). Shipping was free. The estimated delivery date is Nov 27 -30.

Worked for me on my Pixel 6 pro, too!

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So it does work, however, sometimes it gets reset to its prior state of being incompatible. I usually only figure this out once I’ve stopped receiving texts and more for a certain period of time and upon rechecking the RW app, you’ll get the incompatible message. This requires a constant reset using the steps above with the ## code unfortunately.

Hi @paulzli,

When I mentioned the workaround, I didn’t intend for it to be seen as ideal. I simply offered it as a bridge if you will to the day when, hopefully, Republic adds official support.

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Thanks for this advice. I think I will go ahead and order one and hope for the December announcement.

If you intend to use your Pixel 5a based on its potential of being RW compatible on the new plans to be announced in December…then you should also check if AT&T coverage is good in your area. New plans will most likely work only on AT&T coverage…and so the coverage could be different from what you are used to on your existing phone.

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of that! We are on an annual plan, so I’d just intended to change his phone. But of this phone requires a different plan, that might not work for us.

I am paraphrasing from the topic linked below, so please review it for additional details.

RW has stated that they will not add any additional phones to the existing My Choice plans.
So the Pixel 5a will definitely not work as-is on your existing My Choice plan. It will most likely work with the new plan to be announced in December. It hasn’t been plainly stated as yet but all indications are that the new plan will only work on AT&T coverage.

In the FAQ section it is stated that RW will work with existing members on annual plan to move to the new plans if they so choose…more details should be available in December as to the details of this path.

Just trying to plainly summarize your situation and path forward for your Pixel 5a - you will need to acquire a new sim card for the new plan which will be available in December. Perhaps the new plan may support esim…in which case you might not need to get a physical sim card which might marginally speed up the transition. Either way…you are probably looking at mid to late December to be up and running with your Pixel 5a on a new RW plan and with AT&T coverage. So back to my original point…please review AT&T coverage in your area…as that may be the primary driver of whether the new plan is even an option for you.

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