Would Love an RW Phone Compatibility Update (Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, new Motorola phones, new Samsung Phones)

Hiya-- thank you, rolandh! I’m happy to report that my new Pixel 5a is now working on the Republic Wireless network, using the old SIM card that I got in 2017 for the Pixel I’d bought then (and that old phone still works, if quirkily-- best equipment purchase in a long time. Yet back in the day, phones plugged into the wall and worked forever).

Following your instructions, I installed the Republic wireless app from google play store, turned off the phone, installed the SIM, turned it on again, opened the republic app. The message popped up that the phone wasn’t compatible, but then I did the number to refresh the Republic wireless activation-- which caused the phone to restart, and I now have working republic service. Yay! and Thank you!


Wait what? Did I miss something?! I got my pixel 5a but haven’t opened it since we are still waiting for the new plan announcement… Hopefully any day now?? So you were able to use the pixel 5a? Glitch? Will it work for anyone or you have a special sim? Thanks. :blush:

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Hi @ytakahara,

There is a workaround I posted to the thread earlier, however, it requires one’s current phone’s SIM to be GSM and you previously identified yours as CDMA.

Thanks again rolandh. I’ll be patient :relieved:!


Thank you @rolandh ! This worked great for a Pixel 6.


Following the steps rolandh provided, I was able to activate my Pixel 5a. So much appreciated this help info. Wish it wasn’t such a struggle.
Still keeping Mint Mobile in sight.

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As this is a workaround, I wouldn’t count on it permanently. The only long-term solution would be activation on the new 5.0 plans (or moving to another carrier).

Thank you rolandh, this workaround worked for me and my Pixel 6!


This also worked for me for the Pixel 6 - I had to do the “refresh the Republic Wireless activation”, but now it seems to be working.