Would this make your phone glitchy? permission cleaning apps



There are apps that claim to help you reclaim your permissions without root, which is good in theory. The idea is that you take the app such as say file es or maybe an app that keeps running in background wasting your bettery life, and you want to change it to not start up on autostart. So the app cleaner helps by installing through it and cleaning up the app so you can control a few of the permissions better.
Would these cause your phone to be glitchy? Are these running through another service or are they just installing the app by using a wrapper to give permissions? It is very confusing. I have a couple of apps that I use that are seriously draining my battery, but they don’t give me the option to not auto start. (I often forget to go in and force stop them) Any thoughts?


Hi again @markg.goyjub

For an example, I bought a chromebook not long ago. It was great compared to what I had before.

Even with 4GB of RAM, I could barely run Yahoo without considerable freezing, stuttering, plain 'ol frustration.

Enter Google and their extensions. Literally, I found I had between 100-200 instances of requests after installing the ‘Disable Auto-Play’ extension. Helped a little. Installed the extension AdBlock, and wow, what a difference!

Unfourtunately, websites are increasingly informing me if I want to continue reading, I must disable my adblocker


Permission cleaner, app cleaner, task killer or battery saver apps can be a real issue. They are not usually able to tell the difference between an essential app (like ours) and other apps. So if they shut down processes we need that can be an issue. Typically things that happen are issues making calls, issues sending or receiving text messages or voicemail. I usually do not recommend those apps since the latest versions of Android does a pretty good job with resource management.


I thought it might be an issue so I decided against it before you mentioned it, however, I greatly appreciate the input!! :clap:


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