Would this phone be compatible with RW? I need CDMA

I am looking to purchase a new phone because I have figured out that the reason for my missed calls, texts, etc are because I am using a Samsung J3 which uses GSM and I guess that gets horrible reception where I am. Husband’s phone is a Moto G and he has no problem anywhere we go. So… I am looking at a phone on Amazon and know that I need a “U” at the end but I was kind of worried about the other letters after it on the Manufacturer number below. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Manufacturer: Samsung. Manufacturer Part Number: SM-G930UZDAXAA. Brand Name: Samsung. Product Line: Galaxy S7. Product Model: SM-G930U. Product Name: Galaxy S7 SM-G930U Smartphone.

Yes, that is the compatible version of the phone.

Thanks!!! Ordering now!

One more question… how do I get the sim card for it? Do I go ahead and order it or do I need to wait until it gets here?

Hi @lindar.m4jec3

Here is a link to the instructions for requesting a 3.0 CDMA SIM. You can start that process now. You can use your phone number since you will not know the phone IMEI until you receive it.

How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

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