Would this phone be safe to buy?


A MotoG XT1625 is being listed on ebay by a Goodwill store. The description says only “powers up/reset.” When I inquired about what reset meant, I got this reply: ““Reset” refers to the fact that the phone has been factory reset from the options/setting menu in the android OS to clear any data present on the device. We deal with multiple electronic devices and formatting/resetting everything before listing is standard procedure for us. We have no way to fully determine what was done with the phone before we received it. That being said, this phone has no SIM card and is not currently connected to a network- in settings it is listed as network: motorola.”

Republic Wireless lists the model as one that can be used. Do you think I could safely buy this used phone? Thank you.


Hi @marianneg.o8ecah

The Moto G XT1625 is the Moto G4 which is listed as compatible with Republic Wireless.
What you want to try double checking is that it is the North America Unlocked version and not a specific carrier version. That said, I’m not sure if Motorola actually sold any carrier locked versions of the Moto G4

I think it should be fine and all you need is the Republic SIM and once you get the phone, the Republic App.



Thanks so much for your help, Will. I feel better about bidding now.



If anything appears too good to be true…then it usually IS!

I would not recommend buying a phone new/used or otherwise that doesn’t clearly state if it is in good working condition or not. Unless the seller is willing to take it back if it doesn’t work… I would not waste my money on this “deal”.


Thanks for your opinion, too. I’ll keep it in mind.


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