Wrong model number in routers firmware

I bought an RT-ACRH13 on Amazon about a year ago and it’s been doing great. I recently realized our other wireless access point is only a 10/100 and no 5G so I ordered another RT-ACRH13 to replace the older 10/100 access point. I just finished setting it up and needed to do a firmware update to make sure it’s on the latest and greatest. The new one is perfect. It is a RT-ACRH13, says that on the bottom label and says it in the firmware on the routers homepage and firmware update page.

Here is the odd thing. I was comparing settings with my RT-ACRH13 I got today and the one I got last year and the one I got last year says it’s a RT-AC58U on the routers firmware webpage. The sticker on the bottom of that router says RT-ACRH13 but the firmware page says RT-AC58U. I just updated the firmware with the exact same firmware file as I updated my new RT-ACRH13 with but it still says the wrong model number. Anyone know why this happened?

The router works perfectly fine as far as I am concerned so should I even worry about it?

You might want to contact the manufacturer’s support organization.

  • There are some differences in the two models, a Google search indicates the key differences includes Mesh, which is only available in the AC58U.
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Thanks for the reply guys :slight_smile: . I’m wondering if Asus just put the wrong board in the router or the wrong sticker on the router. If they are actually the same other than the IPv6 and Mesh network, I don’t care about those for my house so I’ll just ignore it. I can’t warranty it as I opened it up last year to put an antenna extension cable and larger antenna on it to reach a room sticking off the back of the house.

There currently is a significant price difference between the two.

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I noticed. I don’t think it’s worth even worrying about at this point since it’s been in use for a year and I’ve had no issues. I was just a bit freaked out since I bought a RT-ACRH13 but the internal website says RT-AC58U. They use the same firmware so I can just keep updating both as needed.

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