Wrong names on Contacts in Anywhere

I have a small problem with Anywhere on my computer. I like to use it, but there are times when the wrong name is put on a contact and I think that I’m sending to the wrong person, but it is actually right. There’s a difference between contact names on my computer (at times) and my phone. For example, I sent a message to “Myrna” this morning then thought that I had sent it to “John” because that was what it said. But “Myrna” received it. I can’t understand this.
On the Anywhere app on my phone the names are correct. They both use the Google contact list, I thought.
Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Have you synced the contacts?

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Thanks, that was a quick fix it seems. Sorry that I didn’t know how to or didn’t realize doing this would solve it. This seems to have done it.
Great help.

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ok, that was my 1st choice, but if the problem re-occurs you might want to look at
Contact Names Missing in Republic Anywhere – Republic Help as it does provide some additional steps

As a point of information. Republic Anywhere computer clients get their contact information from the associated phone through the syncing process to which @jben pointed you.

For most folks using Android phones, contacts are indeed also synced with one’s Google account, however, Anywhere computer clients do not pull contacts directly from one’s Google account.

Thanks. Good information that I’ll use in the future.
I prefer the computer app because of typing messages instead of writing on the phone, so I appreciate knowing how to do this properly. Appreciate all help like this.


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