Wrong Nexus 6P Model



So I ended up with a Nexus 6P, but not the North American model (H1511), I have the ‘Rest of the world’ model (H1512).

Naturally, RW doesn’t support the ‘Rest of the world’ model. Any chance they would in the future, or anything else I might be able to do?

I am unfortunately stuck with 2 of them.


Can you send them back to the seller?


Nope, stuck stuck with em.


I don’t think the international model is going to work because it doesn’t support 700 MHz Band 12 but I could be wrong about that.



Hi @ryan.waggoner,

As @billg mentions, there are often hardware differences between North American and “rest of the world” variants. If the only hardware difference is lack of Band 12 compatibility (I haven’t closely examined the specs), in theory, then H1512 would function on Republic’s network minus access to Extended Range LTE from a hardware standpoint.

The challenge is the software build on the phone. In addition to model number, Republic’s 3.0 app verifies that an appropriate software build for North American factory unlocked phones is present. Again, in theory, if one were to obtain then flash an appropriate North American software build, Republic’s app might see your phones as being compatible.

Please understand I’m neither encouraging or discouraging your from looking into this possibility further. That’s your decision to make but know there’s no guarantee that flashing the appropriate firmware will work, particularly if hardware differences beyond lack of Band 12 capability exist. As this is outside the scope of typical support, Republic will not help with this.

If I wanted to investigate further, I’d ask here: Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches & Android App Development - XDA Forums. Or, perhaps, our friend @bitflung will drop in on the conversation?


This is the kind of thing I am really wondering thanks.



Stuck dosen’t mean can’t sell them. You in fact take a slight loss but they will be someone else’s Baileywick. Then you can move on and buy something on black friday or Taco tuesday even.

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you rang?

this is an interesting thread. it seems the GENERAL answer is that “yes, you can flash another region’s ROM to your phone”. this is apparently common enough to be well reported on samsung devices, though i haven’t seen any reports yet specific to Nexus devices.

I don’t see the official Nexus ROMs having different payloads for American versus International devices though… I’m looking here: Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices | Google APIs for Android | Google Developers

i actually wonder whether the radio is PHYSICALLY different, or if the differences are purely software defined and therefore you might gain B12 support once running the new software variant? I’m just not sure how to change the software behavior…

Warning: don’t just play with the band selectors in settings; it seems others have hit some bugs when doing so:

Google Groups


@bitflung, I always ring for you when the possibility of flashing ROMs comes up. You’re our go to guy for that. I haven’t really researched the Nexii but the Pixels do have domestic vs. international firmware builds. Another interesting discussion here: Does the Verizon version of the pixel work on republic wireless


This might help, maybe not.

I’m running Pure Nexus ROM on my Nexus 6p, with the ported Pixel Launcher, and modified build.prop to allow Google assistant.

When I open my Republic Wireless app, it says I have a Pixel. If you do something like this, might it possibly work?

(Edited to add Screenshots)