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I don’t know how to ask this question without making it sound confusing, but here goes. Earlier this evening, my son came to me and asked if I would switch his line over to his old phone, because he broke the screen on his current one. So I started the reactivation process, it gave the number and plan, asked if it looked right, it did, so I selected next. Then for some reason, it said congratulations, your phone number is *******. Um, wait, no, it gave the phone number of my other son’s phone. So I thought, no problem, it would have deactivated his phone, so I will just reactivate his phone with his number, it will deactivate this one, and I can start over. Except, nope. Go through activation, it says everything look good, yep, it did, so I hit next. BOOM!! Guess what? It said, congratulations, your number is *******- you guessed it, it gave my daughter’s number!! I don’t understand what happened, I selected the correct line to replace, the first screen showed the right info, but the actual activation was under the wrong number. So now I have three kids with the wrong phone number, which I could just say nope take the new number, but my 14 year old daughter doesn’t want her nine year old brother to get any kind of texts from her friends and same goes with my 17 year old. Plus I am hoping it can be fixed without my kids having to sort all their friends, re-enter numbers, blah blah. I don’t know what went wrong but is there an easy fix? Like a punch of a few buttons? Without having a deactivated phone to work from, I don’t know how to select a reactivation. Plus I wanted to quit before it took over my number lol. Please help!!

at this point I would put in a support ticket and have them switch the numbers to the correct phones Republic Help

Yes, thank you, I believe that may be my only option.

This exact thing happened to me and my family. I contacted republic wireless and they said that my account information was wrong which it wasn’t I hope you have better luck with republic support.

HI @seanm.xcl7wd ,

I’ve just reviewed your tickets and livechat session, and it looks like everything was restored as you requested, and as you confirmed in the tickets. If things are still not as you want them, please let us know how we can assist further.

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