Wrong number displayed on receiving device when I call form my Republic phone

I have a Samsung J3. When I place a call the number displayed on the receiving device is different from my Republic phone number. If I dial the incorrect number my phone receives the call. Why is the secondary number being being sent?

Hi @kirkc.gn1w5f,

The why usually amounts to a glitch. Please try “VoIPing” your phone:

Open the Dialer (Phone app), dial ##8647## then hit send to reset your Republic credentials. The Dialer will clear, and the Republic arc notification icon will reappear after about a minute. If the arc notification icon does not reappear, restart your phone. The arc should then appear after your phone restarts.

I have a Moto G4. I just had this problem and was previously getting the “3 tone” not connected notification when dialing out while I was in a different state from my home. Now that I have come home, the problem is gone.

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