Wrong numbers are not my number

I get wrong number calls from people who dialed my area code followed by a number that isn’t anything like my number. Any idea how they get connected to me? There have been several panics with emergency calls to family where people couldn’t reach the people they were really dialing because somehow the calls kept going to me. They’d redial carefully and get me again. I don’t know what to tell them when the number they dialed isn’t even close to mine.

Kathy, This has to do with the way calls are routed to your phone and I’m sorry to tell the people trying to reach their family member, the number they’re dialing no long belongs to their family member. If you’re getting a lot of calls to that number and they’re bothersome you can open a ticket with the support team and they can arrange to have the routing number changed.

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Thanks very much! I’ll let the guy know who can’t reach his son. And I might take your advice on getting the number changed if I can’t convince yet another school to take me off their autodialer. I swear kids are giving fake parent numbers so their parents don’t get the “she cut class today” messages.


I usually call the school office with the number they are dialing and tell them this is no longer the parent’s number and they need to remove it from their records and their automated system so that they do not accidentally divulge information about this child to a non-authorized person. The school is usually very quick to take action once presented with that perspective.

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