Wrong numbers not robo calls

I bought a new phone and had no trouble keeping my existing number.
but i’m getting too many wrong numbers (more than normal)

@douglass.tvhtj3 - I assume you already have RW service and simply transferred your number to a new phone. Did you by chance change from CDMA to GSM coverage when you changed to a new phone? Did you have to change plans?

We did when we switched from our old Moto G1 (CDMA/Sprint) to Moto G6’s (GSM/T-Mobile). Because of this, the underlying numbers changed (Sprint to T-Mobile) and we had a slight increase in wrong number and spam calls. One good thing - our coverage is better with GSM. We simply blocked the numbers using the Republic Wireless app as described below –

Not sure if this is what you’re experiencing but thought I’d share what happened to us. Others may have other ideas too!

I would suggest that you open a ticket as this is an issue that can be worked on by support.

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I’ve been getting more wrong number texts lately. I’ve learned that

  1. people sometimes give the wrong number to other people. Whether on purpose or accident, it happens.
  2. wrong texts can be hilarious. Someone entered my number in their job group text by accident. They hit a 4 instead of 3 and ended up with me.
    Most companies and people that aren’t spam are quite happy to correct it and take you off their list. Spam? Those are a different issue and the link above is helpful to block.

In case you ever get bored…:sweat_smile:

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