Wrong phone # and confussion

I have a moto g ver 5.1 that stopped working at stages so I replaced it with your new moto g play ver 6.0.1…When I got my new phone I could not find the phone # assigned to it so I chose the option during activation/setup to use my old moto g phone #. [redacted]. BUT I keep getting phone call asking for DEAN, a swimming pool distributer. The caller said that my new phone was showing up on his end as [redacted]. not my # [redacted]. can u please correct this so my new phone corresponds with my desired # of redacted]. And see to it that I am not charged in the future for my old ver 5.1 phone which is not useable. my monthly bill was, with tax, around $28.31. my new phone bill should be around $31.80. I should not be charge for both phones. Please tell me you understand the two issues I tried to place before you. If I failed I’m am truly sorry. I am happy to pay for my new moto g ver 6.0.1 but not my broken one and that my # is not Dean at [redacted]

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The calls you are getting are coming to you underlying number. You can open a service ticket and ask RW to change it. Just click on Help at the top of this page to request a change. Hopefully you will get a number Dean didn’t have.

Hi @kens.cyhl3u,

You’ve posted your question to a public Community forum where members help other members with questions about how to use their phones.

For both the questions you raised - getting your number corrected and understanding the charges on your bill - you’ll need to contact our Support team, because those are not things other Republic Wireless members can do for you.

To open a Help Ticket, please click on this link: Republic Help and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Open a Ticket.”

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