Wrong phone number sent when I text on Samsung J3

my phone # shows different # on other end

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr,

To help us best help you, we could use some additional context. What is the brand, model and generation of your Republic phone? Does an incorrect number show up on the far end when calling, text messaging or both?

Samsung j3 , it shows up when I text

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr,

What happens if you open the Republic Wireless app just before sending a text? Does the correct number show on the far end?

never tried that.

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr,

It isn’t intended as the solution to the problem. The issue you’re experiencing has multiple potential causes. I’m trying to determine which one. Please let us know if opening the Republic Wireless app immediately prior to sending a text message “fixes” things or not?

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I’ll only know if someone opens the text not knowing that it came from me, and responds.

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr,

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Let’s try tackling this from a different angle. There are multiple things about a Samsung J3 that could cause your text messages to appear to be coming from a different number.

You can follow steps to solve all of them, in this excellent Tips and Tricks Topic:

In particular, you want to pay close attention to the part about not letting the Republic app be put to sleep, and the part about using Google Messages :messages: instead of the Samsung Messages app :sammy:. All of the advice in the topic is well worth your time, though.

I’ll send you a personal message that’s not publicly visible in our Member Community with a phone number you can use to try texting me once you’ve taken those steps, and I’ll let you know what phone number your text reaches me from.


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