Wrong Phone Number Shows on Some Phones I Call

Two contacts I communicate with tell me my correct phone number is not displayed on their phone when I text or call. Both my prefix and suffix are misidentified on their phone. Of all my contacts only these two have reported this peculiarity. Any fix for this?

Hi @ericp.yrc1ai,

Could you tell us what kind of phone you have, and can you confirm that they have definitely seen the wrong number both when you call and when you text? (For example, we’d need to know if they’ve only seen it when texting, but assume it would do the same when calling.)

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My phone is a Moto G6 play. I just verified with a contact that it’s text only.

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You should start by making sure the chat feature is disabled.


This suggestion seems to solve the problem. I sent a text to a contact and the proper # displayed. Thank you!


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