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Hi, I’ve been using RW for about 5 days now with my Moto X4, and it’s been working great. Except for one funny issue: apparently my texts are coming from the future. When I highlight a text and then tap the ‘info’ icon, the received time shows up correctly, but the sent time is 15 hours and 45 minutes ahead. I sometimes like to check when a message was sent because I’m often outside without WiFi or cell signal (I do a lot of hiking and long-distance backpacking), and so I don’t always receive messages right away. I’m using Signal as my messaging app (no problem with my old provider), but I also tried with the default Google Messages app and got the same problem. Any ideas?


Hi @string_bass,

That is a fascinating observation, and something I had never noticed before. Thanks for pointing it out, I will see what we can find out about it.


Thanks for looking into this. Have you been able to find out anything about it yet?

Hi @string_bass,

Nothing yet. I’ll certainly update you when I do have news.

Hi @string_bass,

We have created a bug ticket with our engineers. While it is easily duplicated, they have not yet been able to investigate the cause. This one might take a while to solve just because of the very limited impact.


Hi @string_bass,

I know it has been a while, but I just wanted to let you know our developers have identified the cause of this issue and a bugfix for it is slated for Republic app version, which will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

Could we send you a Republic Wireless T-shirt to thank you for reporting this bug (and your patience)!

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