X Pure to Z Play

Just got my Z Play over the weekend. Set it up and tried it out. I really like this phone, and I really liked my X Pure. Is it an upgrade? I think so. Are there things and features I miss that the Pure had, sure are, but not deal breaking. Wireless WiFi AC over N, sure but meh still plenty fast. Lower resolution yeah but dat AMOLED, wow! Sleek sexy the Z Play is not, compared to the X Pure. But that battery life is fantastic! Not that I had any issues with the Pure battery. Sure I went from a 64GB phone to a 32GB phone, but I added a 128GB micro SD, no worries about storage at all.

Glad I jumped on this deal, I got the $100 off the price and saved on the 6 month free service. My wife made out due to she got my 64GB Pure that is only 6 months old. She upgraded from a X Play that she uses on Cricket. GSM unlocked, what a way to go! Couldn’t be happier.

Quick other thoughts, the Z Play is slippery as an eel. Invest in a case/cover ASAP! A few times I almost lost my grip on this phone.


Thanks for the info! Currently looking for an SD card for the Z Play but can’t determine the top speed/spec supported by the Moto Z.

Did you come across that info?

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