Xfinity keeps connecting

Hi all, I used the Xfinity hotspot around my area to check reception and put in my credentials. All was well until I started noticing that I keep connecting to the hotspot unintentionally (it just happened as I am writing this question out).

I have tried forgetting the hotspot, connecting back to my home router, but my phones keep connecting back to the hotspot. Any ideas on how to stop the Xfinity connection?

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Besides dynamite?

That one is tough, and I have it too. Normally Xfinity is useless for me, but in a couple of places, like a significant shopping district in my area, they have open wifi provided by Xfinity. However, it’s also in parks and places, and automatically connects, and that’s so irritating. I especially have it with XFinity at the gym, where they have wifi. But from the car to the gym outdoors, it connects to XFinity, and then I have to get it on the gym’s wifi.

I think the best answer is to forget the network, but I wonder if there’s an app to blacklist netowrks.

This interesting, How do I erase a Wi-fi sign-in? also is unable to ‘forget’ a network … in his case it is his own ‘Guest network’ at home.

You might pick through that and find something were overlooking, as it’s not fixed yet

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@dave_kc, my fellow KC friend, I have a similar problem, except I WANT to have my Xfinity connect at the gym (I’m on $10 plan). My problem is that my Moto G likes to log onto a weak Xfinity signal on my drive home and the phone doesn’t log into my home network. It’s holding on to the weak signal for dear life while I sit right next to my home router.

My problem is that I don’t want to forget my Xfinity login and have to punch in my password several days a week at the gym, nor do I want to have to manually tell my phone to switch to my home router. I’d be nice to have “preferred router” list if more than one is available.

Surely this is an even bigger problem in dense city locations.

When you get home, say from the gym whee you were connected to Xfinity … what steps do you have to do to connect to your own router?

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This app: WiFi Prioritizer - Android Apps on Google Play will allow you to put your home network at the top of the priority list and should address your issue.


What version of the republic app do you have? I am curious if this is a bug of the new app.

I have been unable to forget xfinity and have to manually select other networks including my own.

Can you rename your router? Then use Toggle Cell to prioritize your router. This way the phone will not confuse any old Xfinity with your Xfinity.

That’s much harder since they don’t use a different site ID between the various location.

I work near downtown, and don’t have problems, I actually have more problems in NKC than downtown. BTW, it’s Zona Rosa (for the northlanders) that has free open wifi on XFinity, and I believe the Cable WIFi (which is Time Warners).

Either way, it’s a pain.

@jben when I get home and I find I’m connected to a weak Xfinity signal, I swipe down, tap on Xfinity, and then tap on my home router. Its not I big pain, but one more thing that makes RW more work than a “regular” phone and could reduce adoption from people who didn’t grow up with multiple autoexec files at the ready.

I think my phone is logging into an Xfinity account at a business when I’m stopped too long at a stoplight on the way home and it won’t let go. It happens about once a week. It happens to my wife’s Moto G, too. She reminds me that it wasn’t a problem on her iPhone every time.

Thanks for all your replies.

I think I stumbled onto the solution late last night, but will reserve on answering until I get back home, so I can cover the issue of going out and coming back in.

dave_kc wrote:

… but I wonder if there’s an app to blacklist netowrks.

There’s currently an idea under review in the Think Tank to do just that.

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  • Do you still detect a weak Xfinity signal at home?
    • If not, then I believe the phone should connect to the strongest available AP/Router that you have previously logged into ( @brandon.smith could you confirm this as the expected operation?)

Yes, I pick up a phantom Xfinity signal at home. I can see it as a WiFi option right now with only the lowest bar lit up. It’s juuuust weak enough to keep me logged in. Earlier I said it wouldn’t switch to my home signal if I was right next to my router. Just in case that was hyperbole, next time I’m stuck on Xfinity, I will literally go sit next to it to verify. However, I do know I can come home and I sometimes have an almost unusable Xfinity connection even though my home router’s signal is stronger.

Great … thanks and sorry for the 20 questions, the goal is to narrow down the definition of the problem to something that can be fed back to the development team so they can see if they can help eliminate it … so every little hint helps

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Been home for over an hour and settings have not changed:), so here is what I did.

When I go to settings and select on WIFi to list the networks that have been visited/listed, there are 3 dots at the bottom rt corner to ‘manage networks’.

I went through the list and started deleting networks that were not familiar to me. Xfinity was not listed, BUT its generic name may have been. Either way, I deleted about 5 or 6 networks not familiar.

Xfinity was gone from the previous list, so I connected back to my router.

Xfinity eventually came back, but has yet to overtake my Router name because I have not logged in again to the Hotspot.

Note: I was having issue with the Xfinity reconnect before I installed a dohickey Free Wifi optimizer. This just compounded the issue, IMHO.


@jben … Let me try that again. It took me awhile to find the reproducible condition for my issue. I needed it to happen organically so I knew what exactly was happening. It is different than I had thought. Here is what I think is happening:

  1. My phone is set to automatically log into xfinity at my gym located about three miles from my house. I’m on the $10 plan so I like using the Xfinity there to use Pandora.

  2. There are several Xfinity hotspots in my suburb.

  3. My best guess is that when I leave the gym, my phone hops from one Xfinity signal to the next.

  4. When I get home, if I stay in the part of the house furthest away from my router, my phone stays connected to Xfinity at two bars. Even with two bars it is very bad service.

  5. If I manually switch it to my home router from the same area of my house, I show two bars but the service seems much better.

  6. If I go into the room with the router, my phone does switch to the home router (I said it wouldn’t earlier, but I was wrong).

So, I think everything is working right, I just happen to live on a mysterious edge between services. I doubt my issue is common enough to warrant any concern by RW.

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I have seen some mention of folks putting the Power control Widget on the home screen … this would give you 1 button WiFi cycle to switch to the right router… or you may want to play with WiFi Roaming Fix it can be set to drop an AP at a given signal level, I used to have to use it to roam within my house and it has worked for me on X & G

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