Xfinity wanting me to login and create account on my phone

Is the fact that xfinity is constantly pestering me to log in and create an account when I move out of my normal Wifi range something put in place by Republic, or simply a fluke? Is it where the .5G of data on my plan will come from??

blame Comcast cable company they are xfinity,

I would disable scanning for open WiFi in both the Republic app and Android setting

also go in to you WiFi saved network setting and delete the Xfinity WiFi (and Cable WiFi if there)

Can’t figure out how to “delete” it. It seems not to give me that option in any way. In fact, I figure out how to get to “Forget network” and it disappears for a few seconds, then reappears in the list of saved wifi networks moments later. What am I missing?

open up the setting (:settingsicon: icon in the app drawer :appsicon: )
tap Wi-Fi then tap the :dots: in the upper right and go to saved networks
this is where one can tap and forget a saved network

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Yes, I already did all that. But I’ll keep trying, thanks.

You must remove both Xfinity and Cable WiFi. If you just delete one of them, your phone will still try to connect the the Xfinity hot spots.

There was NO “Cable WiFi” in my list of saved networks.


:settingsicon: :appsicon: :menu: :dots:

Check to see if you have any of the Cable WiFi partners on your phone too and remove them if you do.

This is why I left Republic. Was thinking about rejoining but let me get this straight, you cannot uninstall the republic app? Is that correct?

One cannot uninstall the Republic app and use Republic’s service. I mention this since you mention considering the possibility of rejoining as a member.

Regarding whether the Republic app may be completely uninstalled if one wishes to use a Republic qualified phone with another service provider, that depends on the phone in question.

Hi @edwarda.59oasq

On the older Legacy devices RW was basically a custom ROM. With the newer 3.0 devices this is not true anymore.

3.0 phones are North American unlocked devices and RW’s service is entirely dependent on the RW app, meaning if you don’t like the service, you can take the phone and go elsewhere if you choose to do so.

I hope this doesn’t sound 'snarky", but a lot has changed with the newer 3.0/ClearChoice plans and devices since 2015…(I can see in your profile when you joined, but not when you left).

RW still has the Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help, so you could test them again with minimal risk as before, if you want to revisit the service.

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Some of the 3.0 phones come with the RW app pre-installed, apparently by the mfg. App cannot be uninstalled but updates can be uninstalled and app disabled.

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Yes, thanks @williamo.vkbg0s

Second time I was corrected tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:


You were correct and I just added some info.

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A factory reset makes it disappear. It is a stub app, of which there are many. Inserting a Republic SIM makes it appear, a factory reset makes it disappear as if it was never on the phone.

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