Yearly plan downsides?

Happy with my RW plan and spotted the yearly plan that will save some money. Anyone have issues when they switched from monthly to yearly plan? Thanks Bob Y

No issue for me what so ever.
U just pay once and dont have to worry about it.
Just be sure you update your current payment card as it charges you as soon as u switch.

Moderator’s note: Effective 8/5/2019 immediate billing will no longer take place when you sign up. Your payment method will not be billed until your next scheduled billing cycle date, the same day that your annual payment year begins.

Thanks for the comment.

Just to be clear it is NOT a yearly plan but a one-time advance payment of 10 one-month plans that gets you two free months beyond the first 10 paid months. If you plan to be with RW for more than 10 months then it is a no brainer… especially considering the fact that RW does not have any gimmicky promos on the plan pricing that may change during the 10 month period. At the end of the 12 months…you will need to do this transaction all over again…otherwise you would be back to making month-to-month payments.


Thanks for the comment. Just looking for multiple opinions on this.

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I guess the things to consider are:

  • You cannot make changes to the base plan during the twelve month period
  • One-time data purchases can be added at anytime
  • The annual payment option does not auto-renew
  • At the end of your prepay year, you will automatically be placed back on a monthly recurrence of the plan you were on during the prepay period
  • You can cancel the annual payment option if the plan has not gone into effect and it is before the bill cycle date
  • The Annual Payment Option is non-refundable if outside of the Money Back Guarantee

Thanks for the info.

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Definitely no negatives for me. Since I plan on being with RW for the foreseeable future, I considered getting 2 free months for prepaying 10 a bargain and jumped on it.

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