Yearning for the flip phone

Anyone else yearning for the classic looks and compact style of the old moto razr flippers?

I see where I could get the Samsung Z Flip 5g for $200 with trade right now. If only…

Man, I so want that shiney new object!

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LOL I’d just be jealous that you already owned a Z Flip or a Z Fold, the only 2 phones that would give you that trade in value. :joy:


Well in my case, my galaxy s9 take would do the trick!

Yeah, an S9 trade-in would bring the price down to $850.

Sort of, it gets you to a price of $849, not exactly the affordable $200 you mentioned.

Ah, yes. I see that now. Well that’s a bummer I’m the mind exercise.

I would love a flip phone that had a great screen.

Watched a Youtube vid on this phone and fell in love. $200!!! Then, went to Amazon to read reviews. First, probably more like $1,000+; second, they still need to iron out the bugs and be there to stand behind the product.

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