Yet another Coverage Checker conversation


Agree too.

RW will have five different shipping options to choose from but won’t disclose the network? I’m confused.

Coverage Checker Update: Our Online Store Now Has the Moto E4 and Moto X4 in More Areas!

I’m not sure I buy that, I just started is prefer a ability to choose the network. For awhile I’ve had my phone on the gsm carrier and my wife in CDMA. If I could, I would have one of us on each for travel, but her new phone I’m about to activate will have to be gsm.

That said, it may eventually be able to be on both, and I may request that when I can.


Hi Dave,

You might try buying a Moto E4 plus or X4 from Moto directly, then search here for the procedure to activate the BYOP over the GSM Republic network, then remove the GSM SIM and insert the CDMA SIM. It should then ride both networks, using whichever is stronger at the time.


FYI the Moto E4 Plus is not yet usable on CDMA with Republic (when it is they will make a announcement similar to this Moto E4 and Moto X4


Hi @philh,

We don’t support dual-carrier activation at this time. Swapping from one carrier’s SIM to the other, moves the phone entirely to that carrier.

What’s more, the E4+ is not compatible (and will not become compatible) with the Sprint SIM in older phones.


Is this an indication RW may be working on a Fi like system or may allow dual SIM phones in the future?


It’s only an indication that when people read this post in the future they need to understand it was written on a certain date and time.

Please don’t try to stir up false hopes.


Since others have explained it won’t work, it won’t. Possibly with the new SIM technology, but even the I’m but 100% sure. That said, we’re in a major city with good coverage on both cell partners, so I’m not worried about it. I like one phone on each for traveling.

And if I’m worried, my X2 is on WiFi only, and I could always switch to the $10 plan temporarily…


OK, sorry to waste your time.


Hi @philh

Never a waste of time. The more people that visit the forum and help out the better!. I can’t speak for others, but I appreciate the post, it just won’t work on RW, at this time.


According to RW they surveyed some unidentified group about this and determined it was too difficult for people to choose between CDMA and GSM. This group may have been swayed by not knowing the name of the GSM carrier and not having access to coverage maps.



Excellent point and thanks. In prior discussions I didn’t remember reading of your explanation of how not knowing the GSM provider could cause confusion. Recall reading of the survey but never read such a reasonable explanation as yours from RW.


I have to say the constant implications that Republic is somehow making things up or lying, from someone who is so active in the community, and has met staff repeatedly, been invited to Republic HQ, is actually really disturbing. I’m not sure why you would be involved at such a level as you are around here, if you think that Republic makes things up and lies. I personally would never be involved with a company that I believe pulled those kinds of shenanigans.


This is much more rampant speculation than reasonable explanation. Only Republic has sufficient facts to provide an explanation of any kind. That, apparently, Republic’s explanations don’t satisfy an active Community member like yourself saddens me.

I truly don’t understand why some folks seem not to want to believe Republic’s explanations and/or the existence of its cited market research. One might dispute the conclusions of that research (if one had sufficient facts to do so and none of us do).


When I write “surveyed some unidentified group” I’m referring to the unidentified group they surveyed when they performed their market research. Don’t you remember that discussion? If the group they surveyed didn’t know the name of the gsm carrier how could they consult the coverage map to choose for themselves.



RWs only previous explanation was the research found that it might interrupt the buying process. That could obviously could lead to a lost sale.

I assumed billg was adding helpful information and thought I was responding in a positive manor.


As I recall, Republic’s previous explanations included that its market research showed folks preferred not to make the explicit choice of cellular partner for themselves and rather would lose trust in Republic as their service provider if tasked with doing so. I think the disconnect is the presumption that those of us frequenting Community are necessarily representative of Republic’s typical customer. I ask for consideration that we are not and that there are more folks (by orders of magnitude) who prefer not to make the choice themselves as opposed to you and me that do want to be able to make that explicit choice. While this is my opinion, it is an informed opinion backed both through Community participation and answering tickets on Republic’s behalf as a Community Expert.

Quite honestly, I have no idea where you’re going here nor do I know what @louisdi had for breakfast this morning. I had some scrambled eggs and turkey sausage after this morning’s long run. Protein aids in recovery. :relaxed:


Mmmmmm… sausage


I’ve split this conversation off from the topic in which it originated as it is off-topic.

What’s more, I’m pretty sure we’ve all had this exact same conversation before, minus the breakfast jokes. (I love turkey sausage.)

If you’d like to continue to discuss the merits of an option to select the carrier during purchase, please do so in a civil manner.