Yet another financial institution that doesn't like RW :(

Greetings, Today I logged into my credit card account at Chase. They asked me to update my mobile phone number. I entered the number of my RW phone. They responded that it wasn’t a mobile phone. I’ve already been through this with another bank, so I understand the issue about numbers being considered landlines. Could you please add Chase’s credit card division to your list of organizations that don’t like your phone numbers and maybe come up with a workaround? Maybe a campaign to convince banks how great RW is? :slight_smile:


  • bsquared

I just had the same problem yesterday. After several tries, I went to my personal details and the number is already there. I think it is just a nag screen that doesn’t know how to respond to the correct answer. I just ignored it after that.

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You might want to consider using their app and set up account for push notifications:

This is what I did with Wells Fargo and now I don’t even miss getting text notifications from them.

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Another good reason to go with a Credit Union.

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