You can delete this thread


You can delete this thread


Maybe some context on this tip would help. Why would someone want to test their mesh network? What’s it mean if the call switches to cellular? Is there a way to fix that? What if the call quality is terrible on the secondary access point? Are there troubleshooting steps?


Hi @billg

I’ve moved your post to our General Discussion area for now.

Tips & Tricks is meant to explain solutions to common issues people face, or ways to improve their experience.

I believe that was your goal, and the final version may end up in Tips and Tricks.

Additional things to consider:

  • For whom does this solve a problem? Every member who visits Community should not think they need to test their mesh network. In fact, most of our members do not use a mesh network, and many may not even know what one is. This is a topic for advanced users, and members who do not understand it should not feel that means they are not going to be able to use our service.

  • What problem does it solve or what is the purpose of the test?

  • What are the anticipated results of the test, and what actions should be taken based on those results?

I see you and @louisdi have begun answering some of those questions, and I’d encourage you to edit the top post and title so this additional information is included.

Thanks for contributing and looking for ways to help our members improve their experience.