"You currently do not have any active phones"

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moto g7
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Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I just activated my phone at RW and want to move my phone number over from Verizon. All I see on the website and app is the message that I do not have any active phones. I do have an active phone and it is frustrating trying to figure this out. I am signed in with the email address that I started with and nothing will allow my new phone to show up as an ‘active’ phone. Do you have any advice to bridge this problem. I was hoping to resolve this issue so I can drop my Verizon forever.

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Hi @emeraldforest,

Most of the time this happens when the phone was activated with a typo in the E-mail address. Did you receive an E-mail when the phone activation was completed?

Thanks for answering back. I DID NOT receive an email when I activated my phone, so maybe there was a typo. What is my course of action to get my account squared away?

I just took a look and this is definitely what’s going on. Due to some seriously strict federal regulations, our help team will have to validate that you are the owner of the phone before they can help you access the account where the phone resides.

To start that process, open a ticket using your correct E-mail address, and tell them that you typo’d your E-mail address when activating the phone (provide the phone number there) and that you need to have the E-mail address assigned to the phone changed to your correct E-mail address.

They’ll require you to provide some information to validate that you are the owner of the phone, again that’s due to federal regulations and for your own protection (so someone else can’t just claim ownership of your phone’s account).

Are you on a short timeline for transferring the number from Verizon?

I opened a ticked and sent a message but I had done that many times already and have gotten no responses. Once I submit a ticket, it moves me to a screen that says sign in to send a message. Its almost like the moment I send a message it logs me out instead of sends a message.

Ok, that’s definitely strange, and I don’t see any tickets from you.

I’ll open one on your behalf and let you know when I’ve done so, so you can check your E-mail to reply.

Thanks southpaw,
I have now opened a half dozen tickets and it shows nothing as far as open tickets. I appreciate you help because apparently nothing is working well on my end with sending messages. I look forward to getting past this problem.

Hi @emeraldforest,

I’ve opened the ticket on your behalf and hope you have now received it in your E-mail. You will be able to reply by E-mail.

You might also try accessing it by signing in here: https://republicwireless.com/account/tickets/detail/?ticket-id=1622745. If you have cookies blocked in your browser, are using any kind of software that “protects” your browser or are behind a firewall, that may interfere with opening a ticket in our help center. You might also try in incognito mode.

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You did it:) Thanks. I began my number transfer. I appreciate your help.


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