You have lost a loyal customer

When I signed up, the plan was $12.00 a month + taxes. Each “Improvement” in your plans raises the rates and obsoletes phones and features.

My phone died today, and I can’t wait on your grand announcement in an indeterminate amount of time to replace it.

Going Elsewhere.


Hi @stephens.7m2lxv,

Thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry to see that the timing of the changes we are undergoing created an insurmountable inconvenience for you. Clearly, having a working phone is very important, and we understand that need.

We wish you the best with your new provider, and hope you’ll consider us again at some point in the future. Thank you for the time you’ve spent as a Republic Wireless member.


Why would we come back ? You sunsetted 1.0 plan and 2.0 plan is slated to be SHUT down. One thing we all can agree on is Republic will never keep their WORD ! Even no Grandfather clause !

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No, we can’t agree on that.

Republic grandfathered the 1.0/2.0 plans on the compatible devices literally until the technology is so old that the supporting network is being shut down by the network owner. They allowed you to move between the versions of the plans during that period. They let you move from 1.0 to 2.0 during that period. The phones are going to stop working because there will be no network to connect to. We have an antique telegraph in the lobby of my office. We don’t complain because Western Union doesn’t let us send messages on it because we know that’s because the technology Is no longer in use. In modern technology terms you’re carrying a telegraph, Republic has grandfathered you to the bitter end. For many months they were the ONLY company that allowed activation of CDMA (non-VoLTE) devices on the network. Heck, T-Mobile who owns the network didn’t. Republic not only kept its word, it did so well beyond any reasonable business expectations.


It seems that you have chosen to move on yet there are options. That of course is your prerogative.

I assume the community will correct where I am off but here are some thoughts.

My recollection is that support would be able to assist with emergency activations. Here could have been some short term options.
A. Reactivate a previous phone.
B. Take your current phone to a phone repair shop if you like it still.
C. Buy a cheap burner phone to bridge the time until new announcement. Keep the burner as an emergency phone.

Longer term options.

  1. Purchase a phone from the large number of byop listed and move the sim.
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I too will be leaving…with sadness and no ill feelings toward the Republic. A too good to pass up deal has pushed me over the edge. The Republic began with a concept which has lost its technologic edge. That is NOT the fault of Republic. It has been an honest customer (member) first organization. Sadly; I cannot see that surviving the DISH takeover. The Community will probably continue for awhile…in a decreased and edited form. Then it will exist in memory only. I hope that I am wrong! If so; I’ll be back. Thanks fo the good ride; guys and gals. Potter

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Yeah, T-Mobile will get my business. I’ve been beta/Defy era subscriber too, but I don’t see much in the way of innovation in recent years, either technological or marketing/pricing.

I really don’t like to leave either, but I don’t feel Republic has earned my loyalty of late.

As soon as we get through a family situation here, we’ll be on the unlimited data TMobile for only a few bucks more per month than 1G Republic.

I have to say that the paid staff of Republic are top tier.


I pay about $20 a month with a yearly plan. I’ve been happy with Republic as a customer since 2012. Rarely have I had any problems. The problem comes when somebody wants something for nothing. I know the government has a plan for free but you have to use their phone it’s called the jitterbug

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Guys, my two cents for whatever it is worth.

I have been a Republic customer since the early Defy days. I recently had an issue with my Samsung J3 being unusable due to the new service. . I was not happy that I had to switch phones and get a new one. The guys and gals at Republic could not have been nicer and spent hours with me when I was having a tech issue due to a network problem locally with the new phone. Heck, they even suggested as an alternative to go to Swappa to get a preowned phone if I wanted to bring my own. I did just that and got a great Samsung S10 for a great price. I am so happy with the choice. The speed difference is amazing.

I will say this, we are all free to go wherever we want and there are a lot of choices out there. But I can guarantee you that you won’t get a phone company that will steer you to alternative choices and give you the time like Republic gave me. Kudos to them for that one! I have never seen this before and it was refreshing!

I don’t plan on going anywhere unless the deal is to hard to pass up, but before I do that I am going to contact Republic to see what they can do. Remember the old saying from a very old movie, “Pay attention to the man behind the curtain” and find out the fine print before you move on.

Good luck guys on whatever choice you make.


For others reading, I’m going to point out the sunsetting of Republic’s support for Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy J3 is not related to the forthcoming transition announced by Republic here:

Rather, the end of support for Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy J3 and also Huawei’s Ascend 5W is related to network changes being made by Republic’s current cellular network partner (T-Mobile). Specifically, neither Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy J3 or Huawei’s Ascend 5W is certified for VoLTE (voice over 4G) on T-Mobile’s networks and T-Mobile has made VoLTE certification on its networks a prerequisite. It wasn’t a choice made by Republic per se nor does it have anything to do with Republic’s acquisition by DISH. It would have happened with or without DISH.


Thank you, Louis for always setting the record straight. You are certainly one of the most, if not THE MOST, accurate and knowledgable long-time posters on the RW forums. Like the song says, we can always count on being stuck in the middle with you - and that’s a compliment!


Forgive me louisdi, but I think it’s much simpler than that:

Many moons ago I was in need of a mobile phone and the service plan to go with it. After some research, I determined that a little company named Republic Wireless would meet my needs, so I bought a phone from them with the service I needed.

Years pass, I’m still getting the service I need, so I continue to give Republic my money. It’s a symbiotic relationship, with both customer and provider seemingly happy enough to let it continue. My needs in a phone service probably differ from yours, but as long as Republic meets my needs, then I’m happy.

If at some point a customer’s needs are not being met, for whatever reason, then I would expect that the customer would look for another provider for that service. There is no reason on Earth to make a global pronouncement that Republic is losing a “loyal customer” (and how loyal is a customer who leaves?) and go into anguished detail as to why. Customers do not need to provide reasons for staying or reasons for staying. Circumstances change. That’s it.

I guess many of us secretly believe we are great influencers and we need to let the world know why we are unhappy. I can’t even influence my dog, so airing my scruffy linen in public wouldn’t work for me anyway.

I’m sure there is another way for people to let Republic know what has caused their relationship with Republic to end. But frankly, and perhaps selfishly, I’m not interested in hearing why YOU are leaving. Your needs are no longer being met, so I assume you are making the best decision for you. Nothing else needs to be said.

What I can’t understand is how Republic staff like southpaw continue to find new ways to be cheery, but perhaps she is being held against her will!

Thanks louisdi for letting me intrude on your response, but I know that many people look forward to reading your comments in here (and I envy your “influence”).


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