YouMail Feature Request

I would love to see support for YouMail. Checking voicemail is rather annoying as-is.

This issue is that Youmail uses a single number for everyone to forward to and we cannot currently support multiple phones forwarded to a single number. Is there some voicemail feature that we should add to make it not so annoying? That may be a better solution.

Most people just use the built-in visual voicemail on the phone so we have not put a lot of effort into the call-in version. Not a large % of our members call-in.


You can use YouMail if you use their paid version which includes a dedicated number for you. You can also use Google Voice as your voicemail and I find it to have better transcription that YouMail…

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Mmm…beer transcription.

The difference two "t"s make.

Perhaps other phones do it better? I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and voicemails are not convenient, lots of taps. Phone>Recents>scroll to find voicemail icon>tap name>tap tiny info icon>tap tiny voicemail icon>tap play.
I just want to see a notification, tap it, go to a list of all my voicemails with play buttons and transcriptions.

Yup. You can thank Samsung for that clunky interface. My son’s Note 9 on AT&T is just as awful.

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