Your ad says motox4 will not work in my area (85032) why & which new phones will work?


Your ad sent to me via e-mail stated that new Moto X4 will NOT work in my area? Really? (85032) Phoenix Arizona

Why Additionally, my Moto x2 would NOT work anywhere in any Alaska port on last cruise (5 major city ports?) I find it hard to believe that there was an entire state where Republic Phone Service does not work. I was very disappointed that this small fact was never listed anywhere.


Republic carrier partners (Sprint and T-Mobile) only have Roaming coverage for Alaska(the population of the state vs the size and terrain makes the state expensive to cover (most coverage there is Verizon or local companies)
your Legacy phone is on the CDMA Partner (Sprint) and the newer phones have a technical issue on activating on that partner (Republic is worrying on it band expect it to be done by the end of the year until then phones like the Moto X, Moto E4, Moto E4 Plus just will have to be put on Republics GSM partners (T-Mobile) network
the Moto G5+, Moto G4, and the Samsung S7 Edge are the phone Republic currently selling that can be activated on the CDMA partner


This is a user community forum. You’re not speaking directly to RW staff, though they do pop in occasionally. You can check the coverage map for yourself to see what kind of coverage RW has in Phoenix. The link is here.

Republic’s cell network partners are Sprint and T-Mobile. Republic does not manage it’s own network of cell towers.


What ad, we send out a lot? Is our information about where you reside up-to-date? When I look up your zip connectivity looks good. Have you always been in that zip?

We do not offer service in Alaska and while there is roaming, it is as with all carriers Best-effort. This has been asked and answered many times in this forum and in our FAQs. Alaska is complex for many reasons. That is why we have WiFi calling.