Your area does not have cellular coverage for this phone



It appears EVERY phone in the catalog shows this message for where I live (Palm Springs, CA), yet I have been with Republic Wireless since the beta days and have had cell coverage throughout the time. Still have it with my 2-year-old Moto X.

What’s the story? Do the newest phones not have coverage here for some reason?


Hi @weboptimist,

When I enter 92262, 92263, and 92264 in our coverage checker, it says you’re covered. What Zip code are you using?


Sounds like there’s a disconnect somewhere.


Yes. The Zip code is missing from the database our coverage checker references. I will report that omission now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thanks. Figured there was something going on.


Actually, it looks like you’ve got the wrong zip code appearing for me. Instead of 92262 it shows 92292.


I didn’t look up your account. I Googled “Palm Springs Zip Codes” and those were the ones I found.

Maybe I’m confused about what you mean. Did you manually enter a zip code in the checker, or is that what it comes up with automatically when you are signed in?


No, I just went to your coverage page and it shows me as being in the wrong zip code. It should be 92262, not 92292. Your site is apparently pulling my location zip code incorrectly. 92292 is not a Palm Springs zip code.


what zip is posted in your account setting (under payment)?


You can click the tiny “Not in Palm Springs, CA?” link, type 92262, and hit enter (don’t click the green button, hit enter first) to check overage in your zip code. I’ve let the team know the coverage checker has “located” you in the wrong place.


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