Your chance to win two tickets to the BYU vs. Pacific basketball game on Saturday, 1/27/18


Good afternoon, @SLC_Area members! You have a chance to win two tickets to the BYU vs. Pacific game on Saturday, 1/27/2018!

To enter, you must reply here before 12:00 pm (noon) MT Thursday, January 25, 2018 and answer this question:
What does Cosmo eat for breakfast?!

We’ll conduct a random drawing from the eligible entries just after 12:00 pm (noon) MT Thursday, January 25, 2018. We’ll post the winner’s username here by 1:00 PM MT that day, and contact the winner by phone, text message, and/or E-mail. The winner must respond to accept the prize by 6:00 PM MT that day to avoid forfeiting the prize!

If you’ve won BYU basketball tickets from us before, you are not eligible to win again, but you can claim the tickets if there are no eligible entries by noon on Thursday, January 25, 2018 after we make them available on a first-come, first-served basis.

(Complete details are in the official rules and regulations.)
By entering, you agree to all the giveaway rules and regulations.

Where’s that Cougar Spirit?!?


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Your chance to win two tickets to the BYU vs. San Diego basketball game on 1/20/18

Cosmo eats Swoop for breakfast!


A breakfast burger at the Cougareat.


Cosmo eats Utes for breakfast.


Cougar Tails!


Cosmo eats Utes for breakfast!


Cosmo eats Cosmopolitan ice cream for breakfast!


What does Cosmo eat for breakfast?!
What ever Cosmo wants.


I have to admit, I was thinking in terms of “what does he eat that makes him dance like that, because I want some of it,” but I like the direction the answers have gone!


We’ve reached our deadline for this giveaway, and are accepting no further entries. We’ll draw the winner in a few minutes!


Hi @dave_kc,

Thanks for volunteering to help with today’s drawing! We have seven eligible entries today. Now read carefully, because I’m changing things up a bit…

To pick our winner, please select one letter from the word COUGARS.


Let’s do A


Ok, thanks, @dave_kc. The letter A was associated with:


:southpawpoms: Congratulations @ryanb.xhf1hb, I’ll be in touch with you shortly to swap some details with you about the tickets!



@ryanb.xhf1hb - look for an E-mail from me through our Support Ticket system, or log in to reply in the Account Portal: Ticket Details | Republic Wireless

We’ll need to hear from you by 6:00 p.m.


@southpaw Thank you so much! I just replied, hope I’m not too late.