Your phone number was rejected by Venmo, Twitter, a bank, or other third party service. Why?

We regularly see questions from members who have tried to create a Venmo account, set up two-factor authentication with Twitter, subscribe to text alerts from a bank, or in some other way use their Republic Wireless phone number with a third-party app with no success.


No credit check associated with your phone number

In some cases, the third-party service you are trying to do business with refuses to accept a phone number that is not associated with a post-paid mobile phone account. When you set up an account with some phone companies, they run a credit check to determine if you are a reputable customer because they are going to be billing you after you use their service. Republic bills you in advance, so we don’t require a credit check. The IRS and Social Security Administration, for example, will not allow you to use a Republic Wireless phone number as part of the process of proving your identity, since your Republic Phone number lacks the credibility of having passed a credit check.

Short code compatibility

Short codes are those 5- and 6-digit phone numbers companies use to interact with customers. You might be encouraged to text a specific word to a 6-digit number to win a prize, claim a coupon, or sign up for promotions.

Because Republic Wireless is not a post-paid service, short codes that try to collect money from the phone providers are not compatible with our service. While you may be trying to subscribe to a short code for an entirely different purpose, if that same short code can be used to solicit donations or payments, our members will not be able to use that short code. When you send a message to one of these short codes, you’ll usually see an error message indicating that the service you are trying to text “cannot receive messages from Republic Wireless.”

If, however, you try to communicate with a short code and receive no response at all, we may be able to help. It takes time, but sometimes we can work with the short code aggregator to enable text messages with short codes from which you get no response at all. Please let us know about these examples by opening a Help Ticket.

The app or service says your number is not a mobile number

I’ll quote @rolandh , as he gives a great explanation for why some services will refuse to accept Republic Wireless numbers and will tell you your number is a “landline” number or a “VoIP” number.

Republic’s network partner for number hosting is Bandwidth’s network is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Republic’s (and all VoIP) numbers are deemed by the FCC to be wireline (a/k/a landline). The wireless carriers regardless of the technology used for their WiFi calling and/or text messaging host their numbers on their own networks, which are classified as wireless by the FCC. This isn’t changing. At best, the FCC may one day (I’m not counting on that day being in my lifetime) have an epiphany and drop the distinction between wireless and wireline carriers.
I’ll also point out there’s nothing forcing these companies to have a policy restricting registration of numbers with them to those numbers classified as wireless. It’s their choice to do so. The easiest short term solution, requiring no cooperation from the FCC or other regulators whatsoever, would be for those with such policies dropping them.

What can be done?

A short list of known workarounds is maintained in this Tips and Tricks topic

Republic Wireless and our number partner, continue to work with these companies to try to encourage them to change their policies. We were recently successful in such a collaboration with Wells Fargo.

Your reports help us, as well. Thank you for letting us know when you encounter services and apps that refuse to accept Republic numbers as valid mobile phone numbers.

Which ones have impacted you?

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Third party apps and services that have refused my Republic Number
  • AirBNB
  • Bank of America
  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Dialpad
  • Google Voice
  • Lyft
  • PNC
  • Paypal
  • Twitter
  • US Bank
  • USAA
  • Uber (Driver)
  • Vanguard
  • Venmo
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Zelle

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What phone do you have? Pixel 3A

What plan are you on? MyChoice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Continuously have trouble with software and apps not recognizing my number as a cell or even as a US number.

Most recent frustration is over at My actual number isn’t recognized as a US number, my underlying can’t receive the text to opt in.

Had the same issue with Venmo and several times trying to opt in to texts with different companies.

Are there plans by Republic to make updates so their customers can access similar apps and software?

Unfortunately when companies make this policy choice not to accept Republic numbers, all Republic can do is work with them to try and get them to change their policy.

There is no “update” that Republic could make that would resolve this issue. The company in question could update their policy. The FCC could update their definitions. Republic would have to completely dismantle their service and rebuild it from the ground up as the entire service is based on the wifi first voip based system.

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Can you verify with a code sent to Email? Thats my work around for some things!

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When signing up for Venmo app, my republic wireless phone number is not being recognized as a US mobile #. Vaguely remember that there is a carrier based number behind the republic number. How do I find out that number and the carrier for my phone ? Republic wireless is not listed as an option in the list of carriers in the Venmo app.

Hi @abeapen and welcome to the Community!

This is Venmo’s policy choice. For more, please see here:

For more on the secondary number, please see here:

Knowing your phone’s secondary number, however won’t help with Venmo as the secondary number cannot receive text messages.

Again, this is Venmo’s policy choice. I appreciate Venmo is popular, however, Venmo is not without competitors. I personally use Square’s Cash app. I also use Google Pay and PayPal. All work perfectly fine with my Republic number as is.

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What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

It seems that not only can I not create a Venmo account; I cannot create an IRS account either.

I wanted to pay the IRS electronically, because their mail is so backlogged that they may not open a payment for months, leading to lots of confusion about interest and penalties. I found that they could not verify my Republic number, and thus, I cannot create an account except by snailmail.

I had this same trouble awhile back when I was unable to create a Venmo account. Not being able to create accounts with important services is becoming a major downside of having Republic Wireless service. Can you please do something to fix this problem?!

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Hi @gehringer,

While the outcome is the same, I believe the cause of each of these two failures is different. Venmo refuses to verify VoIP numbers. That’s their policy, and we cannot do anything about it.

The IRS refuses to verify numbers that are prepaid. They will verify only numbers that are post-paid, as those numbers require credit checks and are more likely to be owned by the person claiming to own the number. We are not able to do anything about this policy, either.


What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on? Unlimited talk/text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes 1G data

I am trying to register on’s website but I get an error message, we do not support VOIP phone numbers. Is there any way to get Republic Wireless to contact to possibly convince them to allow republic Wireless numbers?

You post here will alert Republic that is now rejecting Republic numbers. If they have any contacts or ability to work with them they will. Unfortunately the process of doing so usually is a very long one and even if it looks like it will be successful Republic won’t publicly talk about it because the process could go wrong at the very end. Should Republic have any luck with getting them to change their policy, I’m sure they’ll make an announcement.

I just read this moment that Paypal is no longer accepting Republic numbers for their account. Well, I came today to add another one. Zelle is shutting you out of your accounts if you use Republic numbers. This really needs to be addressed immediately and customers need to be warned.

Text confirmations with Zelle have been a known issue for a while. That’s not to say that I believe a better method of disclosing these issues isn’t warranted. I confess that I don’t know what method of disclosure would be effective. I also don’t know a way to remedy this issue in a timely manner, but I’m just an end user of Republic Wireless:

Hi @HBoyter,

I’m unable to speak for other’s experience, however, I already had a Republic number linked to my PayPal account and was just able to confirm (via text message) a second household Republic number.

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Venmo rejected my RW line and also AT&T for internet service but that is no surprise at all. Trying to get AT&T to do anything is a monumental task.

AT&T does refuse to validate VoIP numbers and, yes, they have a reputation for being less than cooperative generally. Nevertheless, AT&T is also my ISP. My other option is Comcast, so…

I will add that my Target App and my AT&T account and app thinks I do not have a valid phone number but they text anyway ??? :slight_smile:

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I must have gotten in with Venmo early enough that I can use it. Trouble with Zelle, which I believe at the time was owned by Chase.
VERY RECENTLY had trouble with this and the IRS. Was trying to set up 2nd level of security at IRS due to husband having been hacked (unemployment scam). And it wouldn’t work. They have to snail mail me the next steps.

US Bank texted me last month. I wonder if some places only check your number when you first sign up whereas others (like USAA) seem to check it every time they use it?

It was an interesting day. When I took my modem in to Charter Time Warner they quickly countered with the exact same offer which was $5 less than I’ve paid for the last year. Back and forth I went from $75 a month down to $45 offered by both. The difference? Cable is 250 Mbps down 8 Mbps up and AT&T is 125 Mbps down and up on the 100 plan. Cable has no other levels except business and I don’t know what that could be. Either way it’s all I need and my bill went down.

I have no trouble using Venmo with my Republic phones, Moto or Pixel. My daughter has an iPhone with another carrier and we Venmo back and forth with no issues.

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