Your Phones - You currently do not have any active phones

Is anyone else seeing this when logging into their account? It has been intermittent for the past few days but today I cannot access any of the four phones on our plan, both through the app AND through the website on multiple browsers. I’ve created a ticket for help, but I’m a bit concerned at this point. I need to add data to one of the phones but have no way to do that.

Hi @douglasb.0nqmoa,

The inability of the account portal to load the phones into view is part of the intermittent issue we are experiencing as noted in our Help Center and on our Status page. Nothing is wrong with your account.

Hi @douglasb.0nqmoa,

I believe the phone lines are now loading correctly in the account portal. If you’d like to try again. Or, if you’d like to reply here with only the last 2 digits of the phone number to which you’d like to add data, I’ll be glad to take care of that, for you.

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