Your policy on 14 day returns seems unfair if the phone cannot be activated

It does not seem fair to require a return of a phone before a phone can be activated. I think your policy should be 14 days (or some number of days) after activation, not after delivery.

Republic has said repeatedly that it will make accommodations for those impacted by the current issues.

  • You’ll need to return your phone and components within 14 calendar days from the time you receive the return shipping label.

To be clear, if people are past the 14-day return window during this transition period for phones purchased from Republic, they should contact Republic support staff regarding a possible return.

Hi @johni.xtyrn4,

We can make exceptions to policies, especially when extenuating circumstances are our own fault. Please let our Help Team know if you’d like to return phones you purchased but cannot activate. If they quote you that policy, send me the ticket number.


Hi @johni.xtyrn4,

Just wanted to follow up to make sure you saw this announcement:

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