Your Thoughts on Android Auto

So I just got a new (to me) car that has Android Auto. So far I am digging it (both the car and Android Auto) except for two issues. Navigating FLAC files on my Moto X4 is a huge pain where the sun don’t shine. You are forced to navigate song by song and scrolling is slow and unresponsive. Why can’t Google let you navigate by artist, then by album, then by song?

The second issue is more of an annoyance – if I leave my phone in my car while stopping at a rest stop, Android Auto does not automatically re-connect when I’m ready to go. I have to open the compartment my phone is in, unlock it, and put it back before the connection is good again.

On the plus side, I really like being able to put Waze on the “big screen” (which is kind of necessary since all of my USB ports are hidden inside of compartments), through I wish it were compatible with Here maps.

I’m just curious if anyone else uses Android Auto. If you do, what are your thoughts on it and do you know any tricks to alleviate my complaints

Also, I can get unlimited 4g data for my car for $20 per month and my car can be used as a hot spot for all passengers. Worth it?

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A friend of mine, also an RW subscriber, has a car with WiFi that uses AT&T towers. His phone uses Sprint towers. His wife’s phone uses T-Mobile towers. They travel extensively and almost always have data. Sorry I can help you with your other questions, My Prius doesn’t work with Android Auto.

I use Android Auto extensively. I’m a fan. Waze/Google Maps is far superior to my car’s built-in navigation. I find the ability to hear texts and provide a brief spoke response helpful. I’ve found that the audio navigation quirks depend completely on the app that is being used for the audio. I moved from one podcast app to another because the AA interface just worked better for me on the new app.

As far as reconnection, it can indeed be quirky although I don’t have the issue you have. It simply requires me to click the “AA” button on my car screen to cause the app to get going.

For the wifi hotspot question, I’ve found it not to be worth it in my car. Given that $20 gets 4GB of data, that’s way more than I use streaming audio in a month in my car. On the other hand, we DO buy such in my wife’s car because the kids are streaming videos on every trip we go on. So usage is a big piece of the equation.

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Android Auto has you unlock your phone every time you connect for security reasons.

Here’s how I get around that (I think, as I don’t have to unlock). I’ve added my car’s bluetooth to the smart unlock feature.


Didn’t think of that. Great suggestion.

What quality do you use and what program do you stream on? I used over 100 megs streaming Amazon Prime music for 20 minutes, but I do turn the quality up because I can hear a difference.

I’ll be honest, not a big music streamer. I stream podcasts only. When I want music I just listen to my local stations. With my podcasts I download many of them in advance automatically, but when I want to stream, because they’re podcasts, the streams are only about 192kbps or less, so about 29MB per 20 minutes.

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