You've reached the maximum data available this month


I’m on the My Choice Plan (3.0) with three lines. I have assigned one line to my wife, and another to my son.

This month, my wife ran out of data. When she accessed the Republic app to add data she clicked on Manage My Data, logged in with her account information. When she attempted to add 1GB she received a message:

You’ve reached the maximum data available this month.

In order to add data, I had to log in to the “Manage My Data” section with MY account information on her phone.

Is there a way for me, as an account owner, to authorize users to add data to their account without requiring authorization from me? I’m really not concerned about sharing my password with my wife, but I don’t want to give it to my son! Can I manage a data cap for assigned devices, so that users can add data up to a set limit without my approval?



Hi @michaelhe,

Your concerns regarding your son are quite understandable. The direct answer to your question is only the account owner may add data. There is no way for an assigned user to do so. And, adding data must currently be done from the phone to which one wants the data added to. More here: How to Add Data to Your My Choice (4.0) Plan – Republic Help.


Hi @michaelhe,

By design, only the account owner can take account actions that result in charges to the account. We are however, looking at ways to make this easier, so that account owners do not have to share their account credentials with others on the account.

I will pass your “limited authorization” idea along.


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