Zero coverage at 73651


I have zero coverage at zip code 73651 although the coverage map indicates I should. Am I missing something?


Which phone do you have?
do you know if your phone is on the CDMA (Sprint) partner or the GSM Partner(T-Mobile)?
from coverage maps it looks like there should be GSM coverage in that zip code (the CDMA map looks to just be roaming)
GSM coverage map

CDMA coverage map

note this is extended Sprint coverage which is roaming to Republic)


Did this phone ever work in your area or did it work and then stop?

When you are outside, do you see any cellular signal bars? If you can get at least 3 bars try turning the phone off and back on while connected to cellular. See if that helps.


Motorola G5 plus. I have no idea which network. It has never worked at that location. My Motto didn’t work there either.


And when I say there is no service…I mean zero for miles and miles.


Are you missing a signal indication?

Is this a zip you are visiting or reside in?

Was your Moto using RW too?

Do you have cell coverage where you reside and in that general area.




Mm pay likely your old Moto was a CDMA [assuming it was a legacy phone a Republic Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, or G3]
What happens when you dial *#*#786#*#* on your new Moto G5 plus?


I have good coverage where I live (73521). But I often visit 73651.


My motto x g2 was using RW also.


with what you are reporting (working in 73521 but not in 73651) just by looking at coverage maps it looks like your on the CDMA network and from the looks of it you may be better served by the GSM network

I would create a ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless and ask that Republic analyse your coverage (give them 3 or 4 address to look at)

I would also note you should have roaming in the 73651 so if you havn’t update the PRL it may help while waiting on Republic support


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