Zip code coverage

I want to get Republic Wireless but it seems that 70454 is an area not covered.

My good friend lives here and has Republic Wireless. What is the deal?

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Hi @stepheng.z5swu2,

When I enter 70454 in our Coverage Check, I see several phones optimized for coverage in your area. Can you help me understand why you think we don’t have coverage there?

I checked that ZIP code and it looks like you get:

Looks like we cover it to me. We just do not support Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP). We use two carrier networks CDMA and GSM, right now BYOP is ONLY GSM. Our system found that you would not be very happy on GSM based on your ZIP (70454). I eyeballed the coverage and the checker is correct GSM would not be very good.

If you are looking to buy a new phone, we suggested a few that will work on CDMA. We do not stop you from buying a GSM SIM and trying it but you will almost guaranteed be unhappy and support would not be able to help.

Our developers are working on CDMA BYOP, it is just not as simple as GSM since CDMA, as a whole, was not designed around the concept of BYOP.

What phone does your friend have? Probably one of our older CDMA ones.

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