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The E4 is working fine for me so far, as i am not a power user. I would be willing to pay more for a quality phone in a smaller size. I’m seeing wristwatch GSM phones on the market now. It would be wonderful if you could work out the compatibility. I might even pay for more data so I can tether my tablet. But even a smaller brick phone would be nice. The only reason I went cheap with the E4 was because it was the smallest phone you offer, and not even that small with a 5" screen.

welcome to the year 2017, no one is making smaller phones any more (the industry is all bigger = better )

if you know of a phone that has a north american factory unlock version that is smaller than 5" please request it here

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Hi @christophere.g4rynm

That is something we frequently hear, here in the forum. Unfortunately, RW is a service provider, they do not actually manufacture the devices themselves. In that world, bigger seems better.

I think the phone makers are seeing a demand for smaller-phones, for what that is worth.

That said, I have increased the size of the screen several times over the years, it’s hard to go back to smaller screens. Kinda like push-mowing and rider-mowing, easy to adjust to. :relaxed:


You have already taken this survey.


Survey not too good. Only one comment per member. Many phones have come to market since my last input.

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